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Equate Children's Complete Assorted Fruit Flavored Multivitamins

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Low Price, Low Quality


For children's multivitamins, these can help give better nutrition and supplementation than not taking anything. Their low cost may make them appealing, especially when considering all the costs that can be involved with raising children. But they are lower cost because they are made with lower quality ingredients. Lower quality ingredients will lead to less nutritional benefit for the children using them. They certainly are an improvement over taking nothing at all, but a higher priced, better quality product definitely will give more benefit and better results. For me personally, if I am going to give my children supplements to help them have better nutrition, I would rather pay a little bit more in order to get a better quality product. It will be more expensive initially, but it will provide much better quality and supplementation in the long run.



Equate Vitamins are very good for their price.


I have tried the big name brand of vitamins for my grandson and with careful label reading and just taking my time.....I have discovered that the store brand is just as good and maybe even a bit better. I think the price is a lot more reasonable and I just feel if you can get the same quality in a store brand as you can in big brand name.....why should you have to pay more for it.  The way I see it....if it works why not use it.

Newport, KY


cheaper in price but with the same quality taste as Flintstones


I use these because I had stomach stapling surgery recently and its required that you take 2 chewables daily  and they are the same but cheaper then if you were to buy Flintstones or some other name brand. the taste is the same as Flintstone too.

Saint Paul, MN


Equate Children's Multivitamin Complete Taste Good & Cost Less


I was a bit hestant to try the **Equate Chewable Multivitamin Complete** for my daughter because some of the store brands tend to have ingredients in them that bother my kids. We had used the Disney Princess chewable multivitamins, but they quit making them. The gummy style of vitamins have not worked well for my kids because they have an ingredient that tends to cause my kids to have abdominal pain, so I decided to try these. What I like about Equate Multivitamins Complete: - They are lower priced than many multivitamins - They are chewable - My daughter says they taste better than the Princess vitamins - They come in fun shapes - They have a variety of colors - This is a fun way to get needed nutrients if unable to get it from diet What I don't like about Equate Multivitamins Complete: - They tend to cause abdominal pain in my youngest child but not my oldest (but I'm not sure which ingredient is causing this) - My daughters liked the design of the princess vitamins better **My Viewpoint:** Equate chewable multivitamins are lower priced, have a good taste, and have a variety of animal shapes, which might appeal to boys and girls. My main recommendation would be to limit any unnecessary ingredients so that kids with sensitivities and allergies may be more likely to be able to take these.

Piedmont, NC


Equate Children's Complete Assorted Fruit Flavored Multivitamins

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