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Equal Artificial Sweeter

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Cheaper Than Splenda And Breaks Down Completely In Iced Tea


I use a lot of different artificial sweeteners in my coffee, hot tea, iced tea and smoothies. Part of that is because I am a diabetic and part of it is because sugar tends to give me heartburn. When I run out of sweetener and have to use sugar in my coffee there's a 75% chance that I will end up with heartburn. I like the Equal NutraSweet sweetener because it breaks down completely regardless of whether you are using it in something hot or cold. Like most artificial sweeteners this does have a slightly 'fake' taste to it but it isn't as prevalent as others. I have bought the bags of Equal to use when baking to try and cut down on the calories but it's hit or miss as to whether or not it is going to taste the same or have the same consistency when making cookies. You might need to adjust the amount of Equal that you are using for some recipes or you could end up with something that is overly sweet tasting. If you are buying it in a boxed format and use a decent amount of it, consider getting the large 1,000 or 5,000 count boxes at a price club. The 100 count boxes are good if you only use a couple packets a day but if you use it for a lot of things or to sweeten powdered drink mixes like Kool-Aid then getting the bigger boxes (250 or 500 count or larger) is the most economical way to go. One of the main reasons I buy this is because when I use it in cold drinks like homebrewed iced tea I never have a grit left over at the bottom of the glass even if the liquid is ice cold.



Equal Artificial Sweeter

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