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Epson V600 Flatbed Scanner

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Works with Vista, wors well, easy to use.


I had an older Epson scanner, which I really liked. Unfortunately, I upgraded my PC, and the older Epson was not compatible. So I needed a new scanner. I was familiar with the user interface of the Epson scanners, and was always happy with my older model, so I decided to stick with Epson. One piece of information that most web sites make it hard to find is that this scanner does indeed work with Windows Vista, which my newer PC unfortunately has. I mostly scan lapel pins, which I sell on-line, and this scanner does a great job. Colors are good, interface is easy to use, and this scanner even has an off switch, which my old one did not. Many other features, but I haven't used them, and probably won't.

Rohnert Park, CA


Epson V600 Flatbed Scanner

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