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Epson Stylus R320Printer

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The epson photo stylus R320 is worth what we paid for .


I am giving my review on this item the Epson Photo stylus R320 Printer is a great product. We have had this printer for over three years and it is doing an awesome job , i wouldn't know what to do without it.... You dont even need to have your computer on you just put your media card in the printer and it will print your information that is on it .  Also it is faster than some other brands that i have used. The only thing i dislike about the the Epson Photo stylus R320 is that it takes six ink cartridges. So if you are low on income i would suggest another printer. The Epson photo stylus R320 printer color quality is very good . Also the software that comes with this printer is good also .. You can set to what you want to print for example  there are several sizes  of photos you can choose from to wallet size to 13x11 . You can also flip your picture and the people inside the picture it is so neat to be able to do that..  I would recommend this to any one who can afford it.....

Abbottstown, PA


Well worth what i paid for it Prints beautiful photos on glossy


**Epson Stylus Photo R320 **Prints photos from a cd easy enough . The ink is a little pricey but can be had at a discount @ in sets . I've had mine almost 4 years now and it works perfectly . Only problem is if it runs out of one ink ( this printer has 6 ) the printer stops working even if you have black ink and want to print a document . They make a blank for this reason but they are hard to find .

Lafayette, IN


The Epson Stylus printer has the same quality as photo labs!


I have had the Epson Stylus Photo R320 for many years now.  Oprah has her favoite things.  The Epson Stylus photo printer is one of my favorite things.  The photo printer is very easy to use.  Changing the ink cartridges is a breeze, and printing pictures is very simple to do.  The photos that are printed appear just like those at any photo lab.  The printer fits almost any memory card.  The printer also has a USB port on it.  So, if your memory card does not fit in the printer you can hook your camera up to the USB port and print them that way.  The ink cartridges are fairly inexpensive and they last for printing many family vacations.  The printer can also be hooked up to a computer to print pictures and even word documents right from your personal computer.  The Epson Stylus Photo R320 is a must for any photo lover.  It is so convenient.  The photo printer makes it easy to do projects right from your home!

Leipsic, OH


Absolutely incredible color!


   The Epson Stylus PHOTO R320 Printer,is quite an amazing printer. Not only can you print out wonderful color prints, but other printing material as well. It even prints directly on to CD's. I do a lot of printing of my own photos and an Epson Printer was the first printer I had ever used with great results. There has been questions asked as to how the coloring in the images were so rich and I told them, Epson. So you may say I'm a little partial, but thats OK. when you find something that works great for you, why change it?     Another great feature with some of these printers is the ability to print directly from your memory cards or via Bluetooth, the ability to buy individual ink cartridges when needed. And the other great feature is using their photo paper for the printing. The combination of the Epson ink and the Epson photo paper will actually preserve your images from fading for over 50 years. As a photographer, that in it self is a great value! How much is your images worth?

Toledo, OH


Epson Stylus R320Printer

4.5 4