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Epson Stylus CX9400 All-In-One Printer

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Buyer beware!


I've had the CX9400 for about six months and in a frustrated rage hurled it in the garbage last night. Even though it worked perfectly well, I refuse, on principle, to send one more penny epson's way for ink. It sucks color ink like there's no tomorrow, even when nothing (ever) is printed in color. If any one of three color cartridges are dry (which they will be quickly) then you can't print anything, period, including black & white printing, or send/receive fax's, until you replace the cartridge(s). Its an absolute scam and an insult. I'll never, EVER, buy another Epson product again in my life.

Vernon Hills, IL


This is an excellent home office all-in-one.


I've been very  happy with the Epson as a printer, which is its primary use in my home office. It's quick and efficient. The print quality is just fine for home office purposes. I can't offer an opinion on the scanning or fax functions just yet but based on the printing quality I would say that this is a very good buy. I like the fact that being an all-in-one piece of equipment, it saves a lot of space in my work area. I most likely will not use this machine for professional graphics but for normal office printing it's excellent.

Roanoke, VA


Absolute Piece of Crap


Remember the scene from Office Space where they beat the crap out of the office printer???? Well, you'll want a baseball bat for this gem as well. One of the more attractive features is how the ink runs out every few days and if you happen to be out of, let's say, MAGENTA.... Well forget about using ANY features of this printer.... When any of the 4 ink colors are empty, this dandy device completely locks up, YAYYYYY!!!! HOORAY FOR EPSON PROFITS!!!!! You can't even fax, print in B&W, or scan until you rush out to target to get ripped off and probably buy the wrong overpriced underfilled ink cartridge!!!!! LAME!!!!! A TOTAL SCAM!What a complete piece of crap.... Please, learn from me and buy a more expensive LASER copier. This thing will give you crummy performance and cost you a fortune in ink.... Not to mention it jams all the time and has a new "issue" just about every day...Junk junk junk... Poop poop poop.... Awful.Thanks.

Beverly Hills, CA


It is a ripp-off.


The Epson CX9400 Fax, seemed like a wonderful choice when we bought it.  It is a multifunctional machine; it is a printer, scanner, fax, and copier.  Although the quality of the prints is acceptable, and the purchase price is reasonable, it is a piece of crap.  Epson sucks, and if you can help it, do your research and buy something else. The major problem it has, is that it uses all of your color ink cartridges even if you are only printing black and white; and when one of the cartridges runs out, the machine locks and becomes completely usless. You can NOT print, or scan or fax, until you purchase a new cartridge.  It will not even let you scan a document into your computer; even though you are not going to use any ink at all! The ink colors are in separate cartridges and you have to buy each one separately. The ink runs out very quickly with moderate use, and you have to replace the cartridges about every month.  In short, this machine is more expensive than it seems in the long run, it is a piece of crap, and I do not recommend its purchase.

West Palm Beach, FL


Epson Stylus CX9400 All-In-One Printer

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