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Epson Stylus CX4450 All-In-One Printer C11C688232

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do not waste your time


When I purchased the 20 inch IMAC computer back in September 2008, I decided to get this Epson CX4450 color ink jet printer too because it came with the computer and was free with the mail-in rebate. The quality of the copies are not so good, but that is ok because I am mainly using it to print out coupons and some applications, so the quality does not need to be that great. If I were going to print out a lot of pictures, I would not have chosen this printer. My two main problems with the printer is that twice since i got it in September the cartridges have run out of ink. When this happened the first time back in January, the printer does not display which of the four colors is out and needs to be replaced, so you have to pretty much change all four of them to get it to working again. After changing just the black one, it worked again. Then the second time it happened again in early May, and this time, despite changing all four of the cartridges twice, the printer is still not working. Apparently the cartridges I purchased were not the right ones, even though they told me which ones to buy for my printer. So now I don't even know if it is a printer problem or the cartridges being incompatible with the printer. Anyway, I should have just gotten the laser printer from the beginning and then maybe I wouldn't have had these problems so soon after buying this printer.

Metairie, LA


This is a good home office printer.


The Epson Stylus cx4450 is a good home office printer.  It prints, copies and scans.  You get good quality prints and clear copies.  The software for the printer is great and is user friendly.  It does have a louder the normal sound while functioning that can be eliminated by making sure it's on a good stable surface. 

Chicago, IL


Epson Stylus CX4450 All-In-One Printer C11C688232

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