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Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol Vitamins A, C & D Supplement Drops with Iron

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these drops are good for my baby


My daughter is breastfed exclusively. I have read several times that babies that are breastfed often do not get enough vitamin D. I did see Vitamin D drops at the store but I wanted to ask the pediatrician before I just started giving her something she may not need. I asked the pediatrician about the drops. She said it is a good idea to give her Vitamin D drops since there is no Vitamin D in breast milk. I picked these drops up immediately. They are made by Enfamil which I find annoying. A formula company is still getting some of my money even though my baby is breastfed which is just annoying to me. But I can't seem to find them in any other brand at all so I have had to buy them. They are sort of pricey for drops. She gets 1.0 mL which is a whole tube full of it. It's a gross light brown color, but they smell really good they smell sweet. She really likes them and she sucks them down. I guess giving this to her I know she is at least getting her Vitamin D.

Crocker, MO


Easy to use


I bought this for my daughter when she was an infant because she had acid reflux and I was concerned whether or not she was getting the right amount of vitamins. Her pediatrician recommended this brand so, I tried it. It does contain all the vitamins that a growing baby needs, so that made me feel better. However, the taste of this was so bad that I could not get her to take it straight up. I had to mix it in her formula and even doing that I could only put a partial dose in it or she would not take her formula. So, I just had to stop giving her this altogether so that she wouldn't reject her formula. The smell was also very bad and if it got on any of our clothing, it would stain it and I never could get it out.

Nicholasville, KY


The smell is horrible


Everyone needs a multi vitamin right? Thought my toddler son was borderline anemic, so the multivitamin with Iron was a perfect solution to both needs. WRONG! The smell was so bad it made me gag, he wouldn't take it unless it was mixed with a strong flavored juice that masked the smell/taste and the iron constipated him! Plus it's pricey! I would definately not recommend this to anyone unless specifically required to be used, as told by a doctor. Yes the dropper is easy to use and the marking on the dropper is clear, but the smell just overrides any other positive feedback. My son will not take chewable vitamins, so I opted for this method. If there was flavored options of this, and I needed it, I may try it again.

Charlton, NY


Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin with Iron with Dropper


**Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin with Iron with Dropper is very good for your infant/baby. My son wouldn't hardly eat when he was little, and these ** **Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin with Iron with Dropper would make sure that he got all the right vitamins that he wanted. So it was a win win for for my son and I. I was afraid with him being a month early that there would be a lot of problems health wise, but thanks to the **** ** **Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin with Iron with Dropper it made it so that he was strong and all even when he wouldn't h ardly eat. I would highly recommend anyone using these on their child. It is a big help, and it lets you know that your child IS getting the right amount of vitamins even when they won't eat.** ** **

Memphis, TN


Great Supplement


Having breast fed my two older children, ages 20 and 11, I was a bit surprised when my pediatrician for my newborn recommneded Tri Vi Sol. You always hear that breast feeding is great for your children but had never heard it would leave them lacking in certain vitamins. This supplement is easy to dispense and my son does seem to enjoy the taste. The only thing I do find odd is that he often seems to cough a bit after swallowing it. I'm not sure if it is a reaction the the taste, texture or what. I do wish they would find a way to make this formula clear because it does seem to stain a bit.

Reese, MI


Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol Vitamins A, C & D Supplement Drops with Iron

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