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Emerson 700 Watt Microwave Oven

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The MW8781SB microwave is compact and heats great


I purchased this Emerson MW8781SB microwave because I have had good experiences with the Emerson brand, it is compact enough to fit in a small space and the price was very reasonable.  This model offers multiple options but I only take advantage of a few and mainly use it to cook or reheat items.  I do notice that I have to add a few extra seconds than what a package recommends on their low side due to a lower Watt on this microwave, this is no big deal and it is easy to learn to compensate.  This product also comes with an automatically rotating plate so you don't have to worry about turning things.  This is an excellent microwave and I would buy this same model over again.  I would also recommend it to anyone in need of a good, compact microwave.

Jacksonville, FL


This Emerson Microwave is the perfect size


About twenty years ago I decided to purchase a   counter top microwave oven small enough to slide under my dupboards so that my acts would not be able to use it to get to my parakeet hanging cage. Back then the smallest microwaves did not include an integrated turn table so I used a micro go round hand wound turntable for many years. I finally decided to upgrade to a microwave with a turntable, but I still have cats and still have birds, so I still needed the non launch pad size oven. Enter Emerson's MW8781 SB microwave. It is the perfect compact size for my small kitchen and it includes an automatic turntable, as well as several pre-programmed cooking selections, from defrost by weight to baked potato and popcorn settings. With 800 watts of power, it is the perfect appliance for someone like me, who primarily defrosts and reheats versus true microwave cooking. And it comes in stylish black.

Santee, CA


good small microwave


My Emerson microwave was a good purchase. It works very well, has a variety of cooking options/settings and doesn't take up much space on the countertop. it is just big enough for a full sized plate to fit in. It warms food very well. Has a speed defrost option that workes great. only downside is bags of popcorn are a little too big and you have to watch that they don't get stuck against the side and stop turning. if it stops, the popcorn will not cook properly and burn. generic brands of popcorn have slightly smaller bags where this isn't a problem.

Chicago, IL


Emerson 700 Watt Microwave Oven

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