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Emerson - 32 inch Class LCD HDTV

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Emerson 32 inch LCD HDTV


My husband and I decided to buy a TV to put in our bedroom. We had looked at different brands of Televisions. We looked at Vizio, JBC, LG and Samsung televisions. In the end we decided on Emerson 32 inch LCD HD TV. Since our room is more on the small side, we wanted to get a TV larger than a small 19 inch but not so big that it takes up a lot of room. The Emerson 32 inch TV was large enough for the size of our room. My husband wanted a HD TV because if how clear the picture is compared to standard definition. He loves watching football in HD and he wanted to be able to watch the late games in bed if he wanted to. The picture of the Emerson LCD HDTV is crystal clear. The LCD HDTV also gives a great audio sound. This TV does great at streaming movies from our Roku box and PS3. We have had this television for five years now and it is still in great working condition. I am happy with our decision to purchase a Emerson 32 inch LCD HDTV.



Great Price, Average Picture Quality


We bought this tv on "black friday" to replace our old, big clunky tv in our bedroom. It was easy to install but the quality isn't really the greatest. It seems a little grainy. It's one of those "you get what you pay for" items. This tv is not our primary tv so it doesn't really bother me. It's just not as crisp and clear as other more expensive tv's but does a great job for our needs. We haven't done any streaming so I can't comment on that but Blue Ray's look AWESOME. Picture Quality As I stated above, the picture quality is a little grainy. Sound Quality I haven't noticed any sound problems. We've only owned this tv for a few months. Durability I don't suppose I've owned this long enough to form an opinion on this matter but I'm hoping for longevity. Design Nice, sleek design. It fits very nicely on my husband's dresser with room for the Blue Ray player or another similar device to sit off to the side under the edge of the screen. Performance Overall, I'm fairly pleased with the performance of this tv. I don't like the amount of time it takes for the picture to come on but that is characteristic of this type tv. (Something the company needs to work on-hint hint.)

Pikeville, TN


Emerson - 32 inch Class LCD HDTV

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