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Embeda Pain Reliever

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Embeda no pain relief


I suffer from chronic pain from a foot/ankle injury 4 years ago, I been on Embeda for about a month now after try many other painkillers. Dr. had me taking one twice a day, Wow what first week that was, I couldn't remember anything, in fact that week seems like a dream now, so I cut myself back to just one a day, still have hard time remembering things, I have to write everything down or I will forget, I have a hard time with nausea, for the first part of the day, makes it hard to get anything done, and the feeling tired all the time and there is only mild pain relief. Starting to think this Med. is not for me. 

Rio Rancho, NM


Embeda Rocks


Seems like everytime I go the the PM they have something new they want me to try -I thought I had tried it all for my OA. Well, this time they suggested Embeda(!) and we checked, I had never used an ER morphine. I was thinking morphine isn't that for cancer pain? But the PM assured me they also use it for chronic pain not caused by cancer. I feel like a new woman! Sure, all the same old opioid stuff to deal with while they adjust the dose, but my pain -what pain?! Watch out world, I'm baaack!

Jonesborough, TN


Embeda afteronepill has my mouth so dry my voice has changed


I was changed from Kadian 60mg to Embeda 60.  However,because the med is so new they didn't have any 60's in stock and couldn't even get them.  They gave me the 30-1-2 and  told me to take 2 at bedtime.  I barely slept the first night.  I feel like I am in withdrawal.  I have a headache that starts in my neck in the back and runs up and over my head into my right eye.  I ache all over.  I had to drink double the water I normally drink in order to jeep my mouth moist.  My throat feels like it sticks closed.    I called my pm this morning and was told that there shouldn't be any problems because it is the same as the Kadian.  However, I  was told that they were changing me to this drug because it was better for me.  To me, that means  it is not exactly the same.  I felt fine  yesterday and today I hurt all over.When I finally have a med that works for me ,why do they have to change to something even they don't know about.   The Pharmacistsasid I was the first person he ever filled a script for this.  He asked me to call and keep  him updated on  how it was working ands  if there are side affects.  The pharmacy is in a major hospital.  And,now I am the first to get this medicine.  When I say my side affects to my PM I get told that it isn't possible.  But she said if it starts to make  it  hard to breathe go to the ER.  I am NOT happy.        

Duluth, MN


If you want to feel like a squirel GO FOR IT!


I am a sufferer of chronic pain, bulging discs, and rhumeatoid arhthitus. So I know pain, and it's cohorts. lol. But this is not the greatest new medicine out there. Not only is it exspensive, but it cause very strange side effects. Thoughtlessness, forgetfullness, DROWSINESS is very understated, the feeling of being highly drugged, lethargic (also understated), and so on....BUT the biggest hitter is the fact that not only do you get constipated once but the complete time that you are on the medication. None of this is stated on any of the paperwork that your doctor will hand you, or that your pharmacy will give you. My pharmacy actually gave me the print out and it stated to call and report my findings to the FDA! So basically we are the "guinea pig" for this drug. So I have an uncanny feeling I should defeniately keep a log of this medicine somewhere in my very fuzzy brain or on paper would be better that I took it in my life if I should end up with some weird heart deformity. Basically, Yes it helps pain, but its a big NO due to the side effects it gives.

Otto, NC


Embeda Pain Reliever

2.5 4