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Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent

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Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent

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Cascade out-performs Electrasol in Nearly Every Category

**Cascade Complete Liquid vs. Electrasol Advanced Liquid Dishwashing Detergents**

The epic battle between two different liquid dishwashing detergents was set to take place in my house,...Read complete review

**Cascade Complete Liquid vs. Electrasol Advanced Liquid Dishwashing Detergents**

The epic battle between two different liquid dishwashing detergents was set to take place in my house, after receiving both of them as test products.  In the past I have used Cascade's powder detergents quite often, and with the chance to try out both Cascade's and Electrasol's liquid detergents, I was up for the challenge.  We do a lot of dishes in our house, and it isn't uncommon to have the dishwasher running at night when we head off to bed.  The delayed timer is really a nice thing to have, so we will load up the dishwasher and head off to bed.  Typically the dishes are all rinsed out before being put in the dishwasher, but a lot of them will make it to the dishwasher without a thorough cleaning.  This leaves a real task for the dish-washing detergent, and one which I was excited to see if these two detergents could succeed at accomplishing.** **


***Cascade Complete Liquid**

The Cascade Complete comes in a 75 ounce green bottle, and comes as a blue-green liquid that you squeeze out of the bottle into your dishwasher's compartments.  The liquid is slightly on the thick side, and looks almost like a mouth wash before you put it in the dishwasher.  I didn't really care what it looked like after seeing how well it worked when I opened the dishwasher after the cycle.  The Cascade Complete had worked hard at getting all of the foods off of the dishes, did a great job at cleaning not only plates but glasses as well, and had left the glasses literally sparkling after the singular wash.  The bottle says that the Cascade helps to dissolve food off of the dishes, and I have to say that it did exactly what it advertises and more.  For the dishes that weren't thoroughly cleaned before they were put in the dishwasher, the Cascade still did a great job on them, giving me a great peace of mind when it comes to loading up dirty dishes.  I have to say that I was extremely pleased with how well the Cascade Complete ended up working, and on a scale of one to ten, I would have to give this product a 10.


***Electrasol Advanced Liquid** The Electrasol Advanced is a lemon scented dish-washing detergent, that also comes in a liquid form within its own 75 ounce container.  It comes in a bright yellow container that you won't miss, but the liquid itself seems a little runny when you squeeze it out of the bottle.  It is an almost clear like gel that has some crystals within it that are (I guess) intended to get all of your dishes clean in the wash.  I have to say one thing though, the detergent smelled more like the lemon bleach that I use than a dish-washing detergent, but I was fully willing to give it a try.  The Electrasol Advanced claims to be a gel that removes the toughest food stains from your dishes for a *Sparkling Power Clean the first time, every time.  *I loaded the dishwasher much like I always do, with some of the dishes dirty, and others well rinsed out before placing them in there, and ran the load with both of the compartments filled with the Electrasol Advanced.  The best way to describe my reaction when I opened the dishwasher was that I was very, very disappointed with how the dishes looked.  It did not get the food off of my plates, it did not get residue off of the glasses, and it actually left its own new residue on the cups in what looked like a failure of the soap to actually dissolve while in use.  In fact there wasn't really anything good I could say about the Electrasol, because it even left defined water spots on the silverware. 


**The Overall Thoughts on Cascade Complete and Electrasol Advanced**

The Electrasol Advanced has not worked well at all for me, and it has left me even more cemented in my belief that Cascade is the brand of dish detergent that I am most assured will give me great results.  The liquid Cascade Complete works extremely well for us, and it is probably going to be a new mix into the cupboard to keep our dishes sparkling.  In every way of looking at the comparison of the two products, the Cascade came out on top, working better at removing foods from dishes, leaving glasses and silverware sparkling clean, and leaving no water spots on any of the dishes.  The dishwasher that we have in the house is a Whirlpool Gold, and I don't see myself ever purchasing another Electrasol product after the disappointing results that the "Advanced" solution produced.  In the battle of Cascade Complete vs. the Electrasol Advanced, the Cascade Complete wins in a knock-out victory.





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Electrasol Works, Most of the Time

  Most dishwasher owners don't think too much when it comes to dishwasher detergent. We have our favorite brand and we often grab it from the store shelf and place it in our shopping...Read complete review

  Most dishwasher owners don't think too much when it comes to dishwasher detergent. We have our favorite brand and we often grab it from the store shelf and place it in our shopping cart without a second thought. But dishwashing detergents are not created equally and one brand that I find pretty good for the money but far from the best in its class is **Electrasol Advanced Gel **with Jet- Dry, a liquid/gel dishwasher detergent. **Dishwasher Detergent Commentary:** I have been a dishwasher owner for many years and during that time, I have developed a fondness for certain dishwasher detergents. Electrasol is one brand that is very commonplace and it is offered at a lower price compared to most dishwasher detergents. It is nice that Electrasol is less expensive and this is probably the main reason for its popularity. It is common to find Electrasol not only in all grocery stores, but also in many small convenience stores.  Electrasol Advanced Gel with Jet Dry is a popular brand, but what I have quickly learned with repeated use is that Electrasol's popularity is not due to its incredible cleaning performance, but rather because it is less expensive than Cascade, Palmolive, and most other brands. Scan the grocery shelves on your next trip to the cleaning aisles and you will notice that usually the only dishwashing detergent that is less expensive than Electrasol is the generic offering, and it is usually only about 50 cents less per bottle. This seems to be the main reason for Electrasol's popularity. It retails for about one- third less than Cascade, saving people money while performing less than satisfactory on cleaning dishes. My greatest problem with Electrasol Gel is that it doesn't always clean every dish to my satisfaction, and sometimes I have been forced to run the cycle a second time. The majority of dishes are cleaned well enough, yes, but when you're performing a task like washing dishes in a dishwasher, having a success rate of 80 percent or so is still not that good. I often have to leave behind between 15 to 20 percent of the dishes for another round due to the insufficiency of this detergent's cleaning ability. Even with both cups filled with the gel (like Electrasol recommends, so that you use it up more quickly), there are still some dishes that are not as clean as they should be, requiring another run through the dishwasher to get them to an acceptable level of cleanliness. I have also found that Electrasol has the most problems is with plastic containers, pots and pans, and flatware. With these dishes and others like them, I have to examine each piece as I empty the dishwasher to see if they are clean enough to remove or if they need another run through the machine. Electrasol seems to work okay on glasses, ceramic bowls, and other things.Electrasol Gel with Jet Dry is probably best for those who live in places where the water is very soft and therefore doesn't need any assistance from a very potent detergent to get dishes clean. Electrasol contains water softeners in its list of ingredients, but they can only handle so much. I have found that, with my water quality and my dishwasher, Electrasol performs at a satisfactory level only with certain types of dishes, with smaller loads, and with less soiled dishware.

**Bottom Line Viewpoint:**

Electasol Advanced is less expensive than other name brands and will continue to remain popular for that reason. I can think of several brands that perform a little better, and that includes other forms of Electrasol. However, I agree that Electrasol Advanced Gel with Jet Dry is an ok brand with a decent scent (like Green Apple, Orange, and Lemon) and a fair record at getting dishes clean and for the price, it seems good enough to earn a slight recommendation.


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Dishes Come Out Sparkling Clean and Spotless


from wrightstown nj

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    • Home

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    Electrasol gel dishwasher detergent is in one of the the best dishwasher detergents that you can buy. I usually buy Cascade but decided to give this one a try as I had a coupon for it and it was on sale at my local store. I have only had my dishwasher for about a year so I have not tried too many different dishwasher detergents. I have to run my dishwasher every other day so I need a strong detergent that will clean tough dried on food. Electrasol is a powerful gel that cleans great and when I take my dishes out, they sparkle. The glasses and silverware come out spotless. So far I like this one about the best of any that I have tried so far. I have tried Cascade as well in varous forms and that works well but I think this one works better. The price is reasonable, it is not any cheaper really than Cascade unless you find it on sale.The gel seems to start working right away and has a nice smell. Electrasol offers different variations of their dishwasher detergent. I think I am going to stick with this dishwasher detergent becuase it gives me the results I want in a dishwasher detergent, clean, sparkling dishes and silverware and spotless glasses. I recommend it !!


    Great For Soaking Stained Glasses Too!


    from Pittsburgh, PA

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    I don't use my dishwasher all that often; for me it's easier to just wash dishes and glasses by hand and let them air dry. I have a couple of different dishwasher detergents that I use when I do run it and I have found the Electrasol works the best on stained glasses and coffee mugs.

    If I am not doing a load in the dishwasher I will use this to soak stained canning jars, coffee mugs and glass juice containers to get the stains off of them. Just a couple of drops of this in each container is enough to loosen and remove stains. This does not foam so it doesn't look the same as a regular dish soap but I have never been disappointed with how it performs.

    When I use this in the dishwasher I add it to the detergent cup that pops open after the first rinse cycle. If the dishes are extremely dirty I will add a little extra to the power scrub door and set the dishwasher to run an extra ten minutes. The power scrub feature is basically an additional wash cycle and it can really help with food that is greasy or on baking dishes. I prefer the liquid over the powdered version; the powder can clump and it can be hard to get out of the cardboard box. This is worse in the summer than in the winter but you basically have to cut the box open and break up the block of powder to use it.

    Compared to other liquid dishwasher detergents this is one of the best deals going because you don't have to use a lot of it to see great results. One of the best things about it is that there isn't a heavy or overpowering scent to it when the dishwasher goes into the drying cycle. I have purchased some detergents for the dishwasher that were so strong you couldn't be in the kitchen when it was running through the wash, rinse or drying cycles.


    Didn't work for our dishes.


    from USA

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    We usually do not have a problem with our dishes coming out dirty. My wife purchased the Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent and since then our dishes are still dirty after running the dishwasher. I am finding that I have to pre-wash all of the dishes and then wash them in the dishwasher.

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    Cascade and Electrasol both contain harmful phosphates


    from Safety Harbor, FL

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    Electrasol is like Cascade in that they use phosphates to clean dishes.  For those who don't know about phosphates, it was banned from laundry detergents in the 1960's because it wasconsidered a health risk to drinking water, fruits and vegetables, milk supplies and beef.  It was found to cause birth defects and cancer related problems.  So my question to Electrasol is this:  why is it that Electrasol and Cascade both continue to use ingredients that are harmful to our health in so many different ways?  Our laundry detergents still get our clothes very clean without phosphates, so its about time Electrasol and Cascade get responsible!!!

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    Cascade does not clean my dishes well at all.


    from Johnstown, NY

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    I bought Cascade dishwasher soap and was very dissatisfied. It seemed to leave a film on my dishes. My dishes also seemed cloudy. The liquid soap also clumped up so that I could not squeeze it out of the bottle. I had to end up throwing away about 1/3 of the soap because I could not get it out to use it.

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    Electrosol all the way


    from North Attleboro, MA

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    Although I use Electrosol in my dishwasher, I use it more to wash my whites in the laundry. Not as strong as bleach so it doesn't break down the fibers like the bleach does and cleans just as well.  It also does not have the strong odor that bleach does.I like in the dishwasher as well.  I very rarely have spots and doesn't get the dispenser all gunky like some of the other products I've used.  I've recommended this product for both uses to many friends and have gotten great feedback from them.


    Good product that is not pricey!


    from Comstock Park, MI

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    I like Electrasol Advanced dishwasher detergent because it is a good product and economically priced. It cleans my dishes througouly and is easy to use with the flip cap. It comes in a variety of scents. You can find this product in almost every grocery store. The gel is easier to use than powders because it dispenses easily and goes where you want it to with less product being wasted.


    OK for the price


    from Tampico, IL

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    I purchased this only because the brand that I normally bought was unavailable.  I picked this up because it was comparable to the brand that I used.  It cleaned most of the food of dishes but it did leave some residue on dishes and in the detergent container on the door.


    Works Ok for light dirty dishes


    from Appleton, WI

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    We try almost every new product that comes out for dishwasher detergent.  We are a large family and run our dishwasher at least once a day and I do not have the time to be rewashing dishes that didn't come clean in the dishwasher or rinsing everything before it goes in.  We have tried a lot of the tablets and gel packs but due to our hard water they do not seem to preform as well as the plain old gel dishwasher detergent in the big bottles.  It is ecconomical and works fine for most everyday dishes such as glasses, cups and plates.  It is a little disappointing in its action on dried on or sticky foods though.  And cooked on or baked on you might as well just skip the dishwasher and wash by hand if you plan to use this dishwasher gel.  It does have a pleasant smell and like I said we have hard water so that may be a factor in the way it preforms but we do have better luck with the cascade gel.

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    Electrasol Advanced Gel is no better than the house brand


    from Skokie, IL

    Comments about Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent:

    Our dishwasher has been around for several years. It works adequately as long as we rinse and scrape the plates beforehand. Lots of internet pages tell me that rinsing the dishes before dishwashing is not necessary. Well, that's not true for me. Nothing is more aggravating than taking not completely clean silverware and plates out after running the dishwasher.

    With the scraping and rinsing the SuperValue house brand, Homelife, works adequately. However, I decided to buy the Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher detergent, 75 ounce bottle,  on a buy one get one free sale which made it cheaper than the Homelife.

    So, I've run the dishwasher a few times since I got the Electrasol Advanced Gel Dishwasher Detergent, and it's no better than the Homelife Dishwashel Detergent Gel. There are still occasionally plates, silverware and bowls that need to be rewashed.

    So, it's worth buying if you can get it at half price but the house brand is a better value otherwise.

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