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Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall File

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It doesn't have to be UGLY in order to be FUNCTIONAL


In my cubicle world, everyone needs a mail box of some kind. We all get things passed around and papers to review. Most everyone has something hanging on their cubicle; most everyone has plastic. I, however, do not like plastic and decided to look into something a little fancier. That's how I ended up buying these Eldon Mesh baskets. Now read on to find out why I love them.**The Look**These Mesh baskets have a wire design, all in black. They are see-through enough that I can tell if something has fallen to the bottom, but not completely clear like plastic. Besides being more discreet, this metal black design just looks more professional if you ask me. The 3 baskets are all identical and come with one set of hooks to hook over a wall, and 2 sets of connectors so you can hang them all in a row. **The Original Use**I only needed one of these, but they only came in sets of 3 and I had to get them b/c they matched the file sorters I also was purchasing. For awhile, I was only using one of them and the others spent time in the box. I thought perhaps I could use them as back up in case my current basket broke. **The Durability**However I found no need to use the backups! The 1 basket I put up is still going strong after a year of use! Even if I kind of pull on the basket, it won't break because the metal design makes it strong. The hooks are strong also and even when a few magazines are piled in there, the basket stays solid.**The Current Use**Too bad my 2 coworkers plastic baskets weren't quite as strong! After one coworker broke hers for the second time, they started to snoop out what I bought. I had 2 more unused baskets... but no hooks, only partitions. One savvy coworker shopped online and found that you can buy hooks from OfficeMax that can be used for this very purpose. A few dollars, and a few days later, and both my coworkers were using the spare baskets. So that's 3 baskets - for the price of 1! **The End**I still have these 2 partition sets and nothing to do with them. However if you are constantly receiving different types of mail and you want them separated, the 3 baskets hooked together will work perfect. You can easily add a sticker label to say what each basket should be use for. I did set them up this way for a while and they stay just as strong and stable even when all 3 are connected. However I didn't need all three baskets which is why I took the other 2 down. I recommend these baskets as well as anything else Mesh because it has the looks to kill and the muscles to last.I bought this set to complement my Eldon Expressions Stacking Sorter Six Compartments.  Please note the Eldon Mesh Collection is somewhat pricey but my department pays for our supplies so I can't comment on exact price. 

Metro Detroit, MI


Attractive office baskets


About a year ago, I switched buildings at my work. During the switch, all the old cubicles were cleaned out and various office equipment laid out for people to claim, including things like monitor stands, in boxes, calculators and all sorts of storage products. Anything that wasn't claimed was simply thrown out, if you can believe that. For some reason, I decided to grab five Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall Files, in a gray shade that Eldon calls "pewter." I brought them home and installed them a few months ago. **What it is** Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall Files is a simple metal box that's intended to store letter size documents and papers. It's wedge shaped and the top of the wedge is open so that papers can be easily placed inside. Click on the first photo alongside this review to get a clear view of the item. The overall dimensions are 13.75 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall by 3 inches deep. Each one weighs only a few ounces. There are two mounting holes on the top metal band that made it easy for me to install these storage bins. The entire thing is made from metal and seems very sturdy. The wire mesh that forms most of the basket part of this is easy to see through, so you can see smaller objects laying in the bottom of the bin. You can install these Eldon baskets with screws (as I did) or you can use hanging clips that are supplied with the baskets. There's also a sturdy cubicle wall hanger available to hang several of these over the side of a cubicle wall.**In use** The Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall Files are installed on a wall in a basement room, where I use them to store magazines and assorted bits of mail that I want to keep. Each was easily installed with two screws and I installed all five vertically up a plank that's used to hide an opening between the craft room and the furnace room. At the bottom of the plank is an opening for the cats to pass through to their litter boxes in the furnace room -- you can see this opening at the bottom of the second picture on the right. With these Eldon bins, the plank worked out to be a good way to hide the opening and provide storage. The Eldon baskets are sturdy and easily hold a fair amount of stuff. Each could probably hold 10-12 magazines, if the magazines weren't too thick.**Summary** The Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall File bins are high-quality products that will hold a lot of weight and withstand any reasonable office abuse. I got mine for free, which makes them quite a value. I looked around on the Internet and the best price I could find was around $23 for three, at Sam's Club. This works out to about $8 per basket, which is a little on the pricey side. However, they are good-looking and sturdy, and give an impression of quality.I recommend the Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall File.

Annandale, VA


Eldon Expressions Mesh Wall File

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