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El Paso
El Paso Quesadilla Maker

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Easy to use Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker


This quesadilla maker is so easy to use and makes yummy quesadillas. The main part is sectioned off into small triangles so after you are done heating your quesadilla, it is easy to cut. The inside is nonstick, so its really easy to clean. On top is a warmer section. To use, all you have to do is plug in a wait for the light to turn green so you know it's warm enough to start using. Then stick in a quesadilla (a whole tortilla on top and bottom) and close it back! When you are done, just unplug and let it cool down for a while. Then it's really easy to wash off and put back in the cupboard until next time. The design is very festive; red with yellow decorations around it. Easy to whip up a lot of quesadillas in just a little time.

Parker, CO


The El Paso Quesadilla Maker is a one trick pony


My husband loves quesadillas and was given this for Christmas. We normally just make quesadillas in a skillet which works great. This quesadilla maker has nice nonstick surfaces and makes indentations where the quesadillas can be cut. That is the only good thing about it. Otherwise, it seems pointless to me. Yes, it melts cheese and browns a tortilla but my skillet can do that just was well. It is also annoying to clean when the grease gets in the grooves. If you like a loaded quesadilla this isn't for you as it will definitely leak out the edges. It works ok but my thinking is what is the point of having a bulky item taking up room if your skillet can do just as good of a job and is much more versatile!

Long Valley, NJ


This El Paso Quesadilla maker is very convenient!


I got this for Christmas after my Santa Fe quesadilla maker stopped working (boo)!  I must say that the Santa Fe quesadilla maker was definitely my favorite, but this one is nice too!!  The Santa Fe is MUCH bigger!  If you purchase this El Paso Quesadilla Maker, please note that it is fairly small and fits the smaller taco tortilla shells.  It's great for small families or for appetizers!  For us, it was nice having the larger one - it made bigger quesadillas and worked better for us.  I do like the smaller, more compact size - it's much easier to store and it's not as big and bulky. I do love how convenient it is to make quesadillas - simply lay down the tortilla in the press, add your filling, top with another tortilla and close the maker shut.  It adds the triangle lines which makes for easy cutting.  It is fairly simple to clean - much easier than the Santa Fe because of the size. If you are big on appearance, the quesadilla maker is very cute - a nice red, festive color and the little pepper on the handle is a nice touch.  If you are OK with the small size, then I would definitely recommend!

Reading, PA


El Paso Quesadilla Maker great for appetizers


I bought my El Paso Quesadilla Maker at a really great sale price. I figured that since my family loves quesadillas it would be the perfect thing for making quick snacks or lunches.  I should have checked the diameter before buying tortillas, it takes the smaller taco size. The form in the middle does triangulate the  tortilla for you which makes it easier to cut. The quesasdillas are made with 2 tortillas  with the filling in the middle. Adding fillings other than cheese shouldn't be attempted as it is hard enough to try and close the cover with cheese only.         

Louisville, TN


El Paso Quesadilla Maker

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