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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Stadium Seating Tandem Stroller

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The Eddie Bauer Double Stroller is a good stroller


I have had 4 children and I got this stroller after my second one was born. I will have to say that it is nice when you go into stores, or walk down the street and everybody does not have to move aside because you have a side by side stroller. It folds down so it can easily fit into a van, or a sedan size car. (Does not fit into compact cars.) I love the colors, and the padding is wonderful. once you get used to it, it is really easy to fold up and put away, or take back out again. It does not turn well if the kids weigh a lot. I had to replace some parts, back axle, due to weight issues, and the company sent it out to me right after I ordered it. I love that not everyone has this brand, and that it was still a decent price. Overall this is a wonderful stroller. Design As the kids get older it is hard to push and manuever Durability If the kids are too heavy, the metal in the stroller will bend, forcing you to not be able to maneuver as well.

Escondido, CA


Good stoller, Great price!


This double stroller is a great product for a great price!  We bought this stroller while expecting our 2nd child.  Our girls now 3 and 1 still love this stroller and mommy LOVES all the storage space! The underneath basket is WONDERFUL!  It is a little hard to steer in tight places like shopping malls but that is the only con I have with it!  We have a large SUV but I imagine it may be hard to store in a small car.

Jefferson City, MO


This is a great side by side stroller. My kids love it.


My kids love this stroller. It has cup holders and lots of room under neather for storage. The seats recline for nap time. It folds up easily for storage and isn't too heavy like most double strollers. If you have twins or kids close in age I highly recommend this.  It has been great!

Kissimmee, FL


Great stoller, but make sure you own a SUV before purchasing.


This stroller is great once you get to your destination.  In comparrison to other double strollers it is quite large and hard to handle.  It won't fit in most cars.  Colapsing for travel is also difficult.  I did like the fact that the front seat turns around so that the children can look at one another. 

Chattanooga, TN


The EB stroller is a great value for it's use!


**We bought the ****Eddie Bauer Stadium Seating Tandem Stroller and we really like almost everything about it! It is pretty spacey for being so compact when it folds! It moves around really well as long as your older child is in the back. You can even adjust the handles. he things we do not like about it is that there is not much leg room for our 2yr old in the back so he has to sit in the front and that makes turning a bit hard. We the basket underneath is also hr to get to with two kids in the stroller. Other than that we really like this one!**

Hurst, TX


Great! But be careful not to loose any small pieces


**The Eddie Bauer Stadium Seating Tandem Stroller** is great for regular shopping in town. The only problem I find with it is if you want to put an infant seat in it you have to make sure not to loose the small parts. Also, as a mother of twins it doesn't have five point seating on both seats, just the front seat. Overall a good value though if you need seating for 2.

Eagle Mountain, UT


Great But Big


*this stroller is great its big but its great! this fit my boys very well for awhile now they are now 5 yrs old and 3yrs old and still able to ride in it on outings i have had it for going on 3 1/2yrs and its in great shape! i do have to say you "have to have" a big suv with lots of room and be willing to lug it around because thats what you do but its so worth it the comfert for the kids .*

Phoenix, AZ


Eddie Bauer Stadium Seating Tandem Stroller

3.7 7