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Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy Love Kills 1" Flat Iron

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Looks awesome, but fails to perform.


I was out of town on a business trip and I realized that I forgot my flat iron, so I had to run and buy one and I found this and I fell in love with the design on it, it is so cool and interesting looking and made this flat iron really stand out from the others. Ed Hardy stuff is usually pretty good quality so I figured that it would do good and be a great flat iron for my hair, I was so wrong. This takes forever to heat up, and I am not just talking a few minutes, it is like 20 minutes before it is even somewhat warm enough to be able to get anything done with your hair. This flat iron never got hot enough for my hair, I need a really hot one and even though the package said that it got really hot, it must not have because it never straightened my hair completely and left it wavy and frizzy at best. It was not worth the money and I ended up having to buy a different brand because this one seriously lacked the heat and the time that I needed.



Ed Hardy Love Kills 1" Flat Iron

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