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Eco Styler
Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

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I love this gel!


This is the best gel! I use this gel for my wash and go's on my natural curly hair and I also use this on straight hair as well. This gel is great to combat frizz and to tame fly aways. I use this to give me a slick sleek look for my edges. This is a go to product for me. I've tried other gels but this is my favorite! I do put some leave in conditioner or an oil on my hair before I use this bc it can be somewhat drying to the hair. But once you use this let me tell you it has great hold! Your hair will be tamed trust me!



My new favorite gel!


After seeing rave reviews about this product on YouTube and Facebook, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. I'll probably never use any other gel. This gel makes my natural 4a hair manageable. This does such a great job at defining my curls and stopping shrinkage. I can just wet my hair, add this gel and it curls up. Well, it actually waves up. Instead of having really tight curls, I have stretched out waves. No more shrinkage or drying into a tight curly afro. I don't mind that some days, but other days I just want a different look or some length! I also love that this not drying on my hair. It doesn't make it all crunchy or make it feel like it will break off when I touch it lol. I make sure to use a conditioner or oil before putting this gel on so that my hair is still soft and doesn't dry out. Also, when I mix other gels with my conditioner it clumps up and you see white little balls of the 2 mixed product all over my head - not with this. The best thing is that the container is HUGE and is so cheap. It's definitely worth the money.

Tampa, FL


Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

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