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EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform

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very useful, sure it will be your friend


amaizing way to keep control your weight, i already have one and absoloutly i will recommend it for anyone that i love ..



So Accurate, I'm 2 Pounds Lighter Than I Thought!


Accuracy in a bathroom scale is a beautiful thing. Especially when you discover, as I did, that my old scale was off by two pounds. My old [Precision Digital Scale](http://www.viewpoints.com/EatSmart-Precision-Digital-Bathroom-Scale-review-42d9) was also made by EatSmart and served me well for about a year and a half. (It probably would have lasted longer had my grandson not jumped on it every time he came for a visit). Anyway, since we'd had such a good experience with the Precision model, we decided to upgrade to the Precision Plus. Performance Overall, the EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Scale is an incredible combination of price, quality, and company pride. I highly recommend it. Just make sure you measure the space to ensure you have enough room for its new home. Durability The lightweight aluminum base is accented with a silver-gray, non-slip plastic cover and the tempered glass is solid. Design I love that the platform is so wide (15+ inches), especially since I have major balance problems. The downside is that the scale was too big to place in the spot I had the previous one in. I eventually found a home for it in another bathroom. Ease of Use Another plus for the scale is that the LCD numbers are HUGE (4.3 inches) and backlit with a beautiful cool-blue glow. The numbers are easy to read even if I don't turn the bathroom light on, and the display powers on and off on its own. Accuracy Of course, the main reason I fell in love with this scale was because of its accuracy. My husband and I both got consistent readings, and happily, they were 2 lbs in our favor. It's auto-calibrated so there's no need to tap your foot on the scale to calibrate it before it turns on

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EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform

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