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Earth's Best
Earth's Best Earth Multi Grain Cereal 250 ml (Earth )

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My baby loves this cereal!


We waited until my son was 5 months old to start solids.  His first food was Earth's Best Rice Cereal, and then we added the oatmeal a few weeks later, and finally this multi-grain cereal.  I feel good about feeding him these cereals because they are whole grain and organic.  I think he likes the multi-grain the best!  I mix mine with breastmilk, and sometimes I'll add some applesauce, pearsauce, or mashed banana to it.  He likes it plain as well, though. Another reviewer commented that the spout on the box is diffiult to use.  I agree!  It makes a mess to ues it, so when I open a new box of any of Earth's Best cereals, I pour all of it into a quart sized zip lock bag and write what it is on the bag.  That way the cereal stays fresh and there is no mess! Something I've found a little odd with all their cereals is that when you first add the liquid, it gets thicker as it sits for about 30 seconds.  But after a couple of minutes it thins back out again.  I find myself always adding more milk or cereal throughout the meal to keep it at the consistency that my son likes it.  He likes it not too thick, and I don't like it too runny because then it is a mess!

Olathe, KS


Best Cereal!


Like most people, I was told to start my daughter on cereal at 4 months. I went out and bought the Gerber brand, thinking it would be the best. For 2 months, I tried to feed this to my daughter, but it gave her such gas pains I absolutely had to stop. The doctor only advised me to try a different kind of grain, such as rice, oatmeal, etc. Instead, I switched brands and picked up Earth's Best cereal. She had no problem with it at all!! I'm usually not one to buy into organic marketing, but in this instance it is definitely worth it. I don't know what Gerber puts in theirs, but it tore my little baby's tummy up. Cereal is her favorite food now. I mix it with bananas and she loves it. I think this one can be bought with banana in it as well, but it doesn't take much effort to put fresh banana in. The only problem I have with this cereal is the pour spout that doesn't have a complete seal, but I think they are all like that. I would definitely try this cereal out!

Baytown, TX


Earth's Best Earth Multi Grain Cereal 250 ml (Earth )

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