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Duwop Reverse Lipliner

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Duwop Reverse Lipliner works but has some issues


I have mixed feelings about the DuWop Reverse Lip Liner, and I have since the first time I used it.  First, the negatives, I have two main problems with this product.  The first is that it is too big.  I would prefer it to be the size of a regular lip liner, or at least closer too it.  This is just too large of a crayon to work with easily.  The other problem is that it sometimes leaves a visible waxy ring around my lips that affects the way my foundation looks and requires more blending than I would like to have to do with it.  On to the positives though, the main positive being that this product does work.  It keeps my lip color from bleeding and smearing.  It also allows me to avoid using a traditional lip liner, which at times can look harsh if not done just right.  I do have other brands reverse lip liners and some of them are easier to use mainly because they are more pencil-like instead of like a crayon, but DuWop was the first liner of this type that I got and I do still go back to it.  I would recommend this to someone else, but I would also warn them about the downsides to this product since there are other options out there.

Santa Fe, NM


perfect 4 me


This reverse lip liner is sheer perfection. It was very easy to use. Just softly run it around your lip line and your gloss/lipstick is sealed in. I was also worried that it would feel funny on the outside of my lips, but it feels like nothing at all. It's very soft,  A little goes a long way so it's well worth the money and it comes with its own sharpner  With this lip liner, which is colorless, I can outline the outside of my lips with a just about invisible line without looking as if I drew a colored line with a marker. The colorless edges holds the lipstick inside the boundaries even, without any obvious lines, giving me the optical illusion of having a more defined lip line. This DuWop Reverse Lip Liner blends into my skin tone, since it has no color, and helps me even out that small spot on my lips. This is perfect, being colorless. This also keeps lip products confined to the lips, and prevents bleeding.

Schenectady, NY


Duwop Reverse Lipliner

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