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Duracell - Rechargeable NiMH batteries

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Are they worth it?


Rechargeable batteries are good if you have about 10 of them to carry around with you. They die EXTREMELY easily..mine last about an hour in my digital camera/gps systems. They are really expensive, but I guess they make up for it by lasting longer. I just prefer the convencience of alkaline batteries that last longer before having to replace them.

Gainesville, FL


Saving money and helping to protect our environment!!!!


I have been using Duracell Rechargeable NiMH batteries for just over 2 years now.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Yes, there was an initial investment in purchasing the Duracell batteries and a charger, but since then I have only had to purchase 9-volt batteries to use in our smoke detectors as the 9-volts are the only size I do not have.  Formerly, I would purchase batteres in very large sized packages--but no longer.  Since using the rechargeable batteries I have dramatically decreased the amount of money I used to spend on purchasing batteries and I have found that these batteries do, in fact, save me money.  I use batteries in my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, all our remote controls, flashlights, alarm clocks, and more.  I have spare batteries so that I am never caught short without any batteries.  Another plus, and this is a big plus, is that I an NOT  contributing to material that should not be disposed of in our landfills.  Prior to using the rechargeable batteries, I would collect the used batteries in a special bag and take them to a recycle center for proper disposal.  Using the Duracello Rechargeable batteries is helping our environment by not pollluting our land and water. The batteries are quickly and easily recharged so, if you are concerned about stretching your budget and saving money, this is one way to help you achieve your goal.

small town, OH


better than your traditional battery but ...


These duracell rechargeable batteries are great for toys, television remotes and things that don't drain the batteries immediately.  However, if you plan on putting them in your camera and using them for a long period of time, you should make sure you take extras with you.  The batteries do have a longer life than your traditional battery.  Over time, the batteries lose their ability to hold a long charge time.  I feel somewhat disappointed that when trying to take 10 to 20 pictures in a row with my digital camera, i have to stop and replace the batteries right at the wrong time.  It makes me miss some really great photo opportunities.  I do think the batteries are adequate for childrens toys as they are not in a continuous usage environment.  Make sure not to leave them in the charger when the charging cycle has finished as this actually drains the batteries you have just finished charging which defeats the whole purpose of you just charging them.  Also, the time to allow for recharging the batteries is 15 minutes, so be prepared with extra batteries or have to wait!

Cincinnati, OH


Best best best -Set of charger and Batteries


We all know that Duracell is there in the market for a while now. Duracell is so far the best of all. I have tried almost everything in the market when it comes to compare about the rechargeable batteries. I got this charger as 4 AA rechargeable batteries pack 2 months ago to go with my new digital camera and wireless keyboard & mouse set. The batteries are strong. They came precharged and I have not even charge another time yer. My use is extensive . Digital camera holds the charge superbly. The recharge capacity of the charger is great. Charge can charge individual batteires at a time. It also helps me to chage my Itouch and other use charged devices. Go for it. You will not be able to get it better than this in the market for sure. Thanks

Teaneck, NJ


I am not too happy


I bought the batteries about a month ago. It said on the package that they were pre-charged. I put them in my digital camera and nothing. I had to charge the batteries. My husband put on in his MP3 player and it worked. The batteries don't seem to keep their charge very long. I have used Energizer rechargeable batteries before and they seem to work a little better.

Tallahassee, FL


Duracell - Rechargeable NiMH batteries

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