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Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines Decadent Classic Carrot Cake

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Pretty good


Duncan Hines Decadent Classic Carrot Cake is pretty good. What I really like is that it makes a very thick, moist, rich cake. The cake almost tastes like it is homemade, and it has a very strong carrot flavor. The flavor of the spices is also very prominent. I made my own rich cream cheese frosting to frost the cake with because I don't like frosting in the can. This is a good cake to make if you don't want to make a carrot cake from scratch, which can be really time-consuming.



Not as good as homemade but getting closer...


After reading [flbeachchic's ][1] review of **Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake mix **I had to buy a box and try it. Afterall, she said it was the best carrot cake she'd ever eaten. That is quite the claim and I thought, "It can't compare to my made-from-scratch carrot cake recipe." I just had to know. My oft requested recipe is chocked full of carrots, raisins, pineapple and pecans, then iced with homemade cream cheese frosting. Surely, nothing that good could come from a box. The **Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake mix **is a little different than other cake mixes. First of all, it comes with a pouch for the cake base and another pouch of dehydrated raisins and carrots. The first thing you do is hydrate them in hot water. This only takes five minutes. Once hydrated, the carrots and raisins are added to the cake mix, along with the called for eggs and oil. (I added chopped pecans to the mix.) The cake baked beautifully and the house smelled like heaven. When cool, I frosted it with my homemade icing and sprinkled the top with more pecans. Next came the taste test. **Bottom Line:** **Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake mix **was pretty good. It wasn't quite as moist as my recipe (that also contains pineapple) but it was as close as a mix can get. I can only see one downside to the mix. The **Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake mix **is more expensive than other cake mixes; for non-bakers it may be worth it.  I give this mix three stars, marking it above average for a mix, not for carrot cake. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/aboutme/flbeachchic

Northern, FL


Awsome, One of the best Carrot Cakes I have ever had.


My husband and I are Carrot Cake fans, but its hard to find a good recipe. I saw Duncan Hines had a new line of Decadent Classic Carrot Cake. It look delicious, packed with carrots and raisins. The raisins were new to me, but it looked great. I bought a box and could not wait to make it. It was so easy to make, and come with everything you need except the frosting, and eggs, oil, & water. I made cupcakes, and the smell while they were baking was so intense, made my house smell so good. The carrots, and raisins were in a good amount. They turned out delicious!! Moist and sweet, but not too sweet. With cream cheese frosting, they were melt in your mouth good.

In the sun, FL


Duncan Hines Decadent Classic Carrot Cake

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