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Dtox Patch
Dtox Patch Foot Patch


The Dtox Patch Foot Patch is supposed to draw toxins out of the body through the bottom of the feet. Some reviewers swear by these patches while others think they are all hype. One reviewer says, "I did a detox patch and it really made me feel so good, it helped my muscle aches almost instantly." Another adds, "This is an all natural cleanser that cleanses toxins away. It also cleanses pesticides, tar, nicotine, trans-fats, and sodium." Other reviewers are singing a different tune about the Dtox Patch Foot Patch. Says one, "This patch not only doesn't work, it burns your skin." And another adds, "I found this product to do little more than make my feet feel sticky and itchy." Read all of our reviews below on The Dtox Patch Foot Patch and decide for yourself if it is worth a try!

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