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Drolet Drolet HT 2000

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The Drolet HT 2000 for a Toasty Winter


Winter in Ohio can be really cold, but not with The Drolet HT 2000! We installed Ours just before Christmas 2009 and this has been My warmest winter in My life. The Drolet HT 2000 is also beautiful to look at, not just a plain old woodburner, it is also decorative, black with gold trim.It has an ash drawer below for easy and safe ash disposal which is another one of it's wonderful features. The heat output is 11,600 to 60,300 Btu/Hr, which heats pretty much the whole house We live in, which is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. We put it in Our Family Room, on a brick floor, with a brick wall behind it, giving the room a beautiful rustic, country look.I used to always be cold in the winter, not able to warm up, as I hate cold. This has been the first winter I have been warm even when outside because My body stays so warm inside. Our Company that celebrated the New Year coming in, did so with no shoes and sox because they were so toasty warm. I still am wearing Summer clothes inside this Winter. No more freezing Here!

Toledo, OH


Drolet Drolet HT 2000

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