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Dremel& General Purpose Set (687 01)

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I picked up this Dremel general use kit for working on some wood projects where I needed to shave off some wood. Both the metal wood-carving bit and the sanding bit worked extremely well for this. I also liked that they fit like drill bits, so I was able to use them in a drill along with a regular Dremel tool (although a drill typically doesn't spin as fast, so you can't do this with all of the bits). Using them in a drill worked for woodworking, but I don't think they would work in a drill when working with metal. The bits themselves are very durable and seem like they will last a long time. Some of the cutting discs are not very strong though. They can cut through metal, but they are brittle and break easily (which is why 36 of the pieces in this 52 piece set are the same cutting disc). The biggest complaint I have is that the pieces are not labeled in the container. The instruction sheet tells you what to use each bit for and gives the part number for them, but it doesn't have a picture to show what it's talking about. I could figure out the ones that I was familiar with, but it is a poor design for those who don't have much experience. I had to look up the different types of grindstones online to figure out which was which. Giving a name and part number when saying what type of metals to use it on and not to use it on was little help in actually identifying which bit is which.


Dremel& General Purpose Set (687 01)

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