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Dremel 300-2/28 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool

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I can't live without it!


This is the one tool that I use on almost every project. (OK except the screwdriver but I have lots of them and only one of these) With the right attachments it is just amazing what you can do with this. Here are a few of the jobs I've done with this tool. 1. Cut through the hinges on a Ford Explorer to replace the bushing and fix my door that would no longer lock because it was out of alignment. (This would have been a dealer job because without cutting the hinge the bushings were not accessible) 2. Cut through the frames of "poured in" basement windows for removal. (I swear it worked better than the reciprocating saw.)  3. Cut open a sealed AC adapter to repair what could no longer be purchased. Then ground off the edges to reseal it. 4. Cut off a nail protruding from my concrete basement floor. ( I have absolutely no idea why it was there) 5. Reconfigured a video game charger/stand to accomodate additional accesories. (lots of grinding) 6. Trimmed and shapped plastic moulding. (no other tool worked as well. It saved the day on this project) I have used it for so many projects, but the ones above are a good sampling of the many uses I've put it to. At the risk of sounding like a television commercial, "It's uses are only limited by your creativity". Every time I find myself puzzling over a project, I inevitably reach for the dremel. It NEVER EVER lets me down. It is a wired electric tool so the power is very good. The speed is adjustable which is handy. I suggest goggles when using any dremel tool. I HAVE been hit in the face with debris. Also I should point out that I have all the tools necessary for grinding, cutting, scraping, sanding,drilling etc. I use the dremel by choice not because I lack other more powerful tools. It's just THAT handy. There is a newer model available called the  Dremel "Oscillating Tool" and while I definitely want to get one of those I would still suggest this one as a sort of foundation tool. I am waiting for a sale to "upgrade", but I'll never get rid of the 300.

Brentwood, NY


Every household should own one


Where can I begin?  I purchased this dremel four years ago for various art and craft projects and now I don't know how I was able to live without one for all these years. Aside from the benefits it offers in terms of sanding, etching and routing in wood working, it also is very useful for household projects. A few weeks ago, for example, I installed shelving in my garage and used the dremel cutting tool to cut the wire rack around protrusions in the wall. The dremel is surprisingly quiet to work with, although I definately recommend using ear plugs. I only had one problem with it one time overheating and I had to send it away for repair. The great thing about dremel corporation is there phenomenal warranty-five years from the time of purchase. They repaired it for free and returned it to me as good as new. The only other problem I have had with this model dremel is that sometimes the dremel power would repeatedly cut out for an instant. I had to toggle the switch between its various speeds to get it working properly again. I've since switched to a single speed and have not missed the other speeds of this dremel which I rarely used. Great product, though.

Saint Paul, MN


The dremel 300 is awesome


I just received this dremel 300 series two speed rotary tool a few days ago and I am crazy about it. I am a crafter and have wanted one for some time now and my husband got it for me for my birthday. Well the first thing that attracted me to the dremel is the size, it is very tiny and compact and easy for me to handle. It is also very light in weight which is a big plus because the my arms will start to hurt if I was working on a longer project. The speeds are great and effective, this rotary tool is made great and of high quality. All the attachment options are great because I can work on a number of different types of projects, it is super fast and easy to attach the attachment and to change them. The tool doesnt get really hot or uncomfortable, it fits in my hands easily and completes projects effectively. I am having a lot of fun with this little guy and would recommend it to anyone

Latonia, KY


Works great but not as seller suggested


**We recently used the** **Dremel 300 series tool to complete the backsplash in our kitchen.  We were looking for a tool to cut ceramic tile and a normal tile cutter was inadequate.  The store salesman said the ****Dremel 300 series with the diamond blade cutter was our best bet.  It did a great job.  but after a few hours the tool quit.  When we made the required adjustment, the spring unsprung and we could not fix it.  Fortunately we were nearly through and had enough pieces to complete the edge work.  Also fortunately since we had the tool only 48 hours, the store took it back.** **The ****Dremel 300 series is a great tool for edging drywall, hardiboard, and cutting ceramic tile in small quantities.  But my advice is to make sure frequent breaks are taken to cool the tool.  Don't use it for a large tile job either as it is tedious to use and difficult to keep the cut straight.  ** **The price was reasonable as we bought it on sale.  But in my opinion ****Dremel 300 series is a limited use tool that doesn't fit in our tool chest.**

Carrollton, TX


Every household should have one


This is great for crafts, small jobs around the house. Easy to use & is not itimidating. Love it for those hard to get a places that you can't use the larger tools for.  All they guys in my family own one & they always seem to find a purpose for it & glad they had one when in need.

Burlington, NC


Dremel 300-2/28 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool

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