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Dramamine Chewable Tablets - Orange

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The best thing for long road trips!!


I love Dramamine Chewable Tablets in Orange. Every year, we go to the Great Smoky Mountains at least twice. I have bad motion sickness, so five hundred miles is tough on me, not to mention all of the windy mountain roads. I take one before we leave and it works almost immediately. Its lasts for hours so if I take one at four thirty in the morning, I don't have to take another one until elven or twelve. And Presto! No car sickness! We also go to Dollywood, and I take the Dramamine Chewable before going so I can ride the rides. It really helps me out alot. For me, it does make me a little drowsy, but that could just be me. Im not too fond of the taste lol. Your not suppose to drink anything for a little while after you take it, so the Dramamine Chewable Orange leaves a in my opinion horrible taste in my mouth. If your like me, you will be thankful for drink afterwards lol. Overall, I would definatley reccommend this to anyone who suffers from motion sickness like me. It really does help!

Laurel, MS


No motion sickness because you are unconcious


I unfortunately get sick when I ride in just about any motorized vehicle unless I am driving or I have the windows open. This is not possible on a plane or a boat, so many  times I will resort to taking Dramamine. The deciding factor is how long of a trip it is. If the trip is not longer that 4 hours it is not a great idea for me. It makes me sooooo drowsy that I have missed flights or left the plane without my baggage on connecting flights.  It is effective as a motion sickness pill, so I can't nock it.

Ann Arbor, MI


Nex time I'm taking the bus - when my brother barfs in the seat


My youngest kid has always been what you'd call an easy kid. One of the few issues with him has been motion sickness. When he was little, he would toss his cookies within 10 miles or so. We live 12 miles for "town," so even a trip to the grocery meant a pit stop. We were on the road a lot when the little guy was younger. I lived in Raleigh and made road trips back home and also to see the Virginia clan. Often, we'd arrive with a real mess. I remember one time when we were on a stretch of highway where we couldn't pull off. The little guy vomited all over himself and the car seat. His older brother said, "Good grief. Next time I'm taking the bus." He was only four years old. The baby with the stomach problems was 2 yrs. Once the little guy got to 2 yrs, he could take Dramamine (per his doctor's OK). That really was a blessing. I can't begin to describe how awful it is to travel after someone has upchuked in the car. The Dramamine did do the trick. It kept his stomach calm. It also tended to put him to sleep. Then, he was sluggish when we'd arrive at our destination. Not great.  I did try some things like pressure point bracelets. Nope. Didn't take care of it. We used the orange chewables for several years, but the little guy just hates the taste of synthetic orange. He's OK with grape, but Dramamine does not come in grape. He quickly learned to swallow and moved up to the tasteless white Dramamine pills. Those worked too, and he preferred those once he could swallow pills. Over time, my kid mostly outgrew his motion sickness. He may still vomit if he rides fair rides that spin in tight circles or if I take really curvy roads. I just try to steer him away from the problem things. If we have to take curves or if he's really keen on hitting all the fair rides, I can give him Dramamine now. It still makes him a bit sleepy, but it does keep his stomach in check.

southern, NC


Dramamine Chewable Tablets - Orange

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