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Downy Simple Pleasures Orchid Allure Dryer Sheets

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Great Scented Dryer Sheets


After years of using fragrance free laundry products, I have more freedom to do so. I really like Downy Simple Pleasures Orchid Allure Dryer Sheets. These do everything I want a dryer sheet to do. The box contains a generous supply of 105 sheets, and these help control static and leave my clothes soft. The most challenging laundry item to soften are my bath towels, but they come out of the dryer soft when Downy Simple Pleasures are used. The Orchid Allure scent is described by Downy as "Soft, tangy pomegranate layered with a bouquet of exotic floral notes
 and a rich, mysterious musk". I love all of these scents, expecially the musk. It's very rich and high end scented but it does so without being overpowering. I can soften an entire load of clothes with just one dryer sheet. They even make great room fresheners. I learned this when I was camping and someone tied dryer sheets to the handicapped rails in the bathrooms. Great idea. This is a product I would buy again, but I always watch for sales because the prices have become quite high in our area, and I am a very frugal shopper. In short, they work and they smell amazing. (You can tell what they smell like in the store without opening the package.) Performance Removes static cling, makes clothes and even towels soft. Scent Smell like pomegranate, exotic florals and musk. Great scent!

Eagle River, AK


Okay, But Not What I Expected


I had never before tried any of the products in Downy's **Simple Pleasures** line, and since I wanted to change up my fragrance go for something a bit more natural, more luxurious and sensual, I bought a box of the dryer sheets as well as the liquid fabric softener in different scents. In the store, the box of **Orchid Allure** fabric softener sheets smelled good - maybe not amazingly good, but soft, elegant, a light fruity-floral with some hints of dark berries mellowed out with irises and and hint of subtle, pale orchid. It was pleasing, light, and not too strong or too coquettish. Just simple and exotic, a nice change from some of the bright and sweet scents that can be typical of other softeners. I had had so-so experiences with Downy's regular dryer sheets, but I was hoping that, because this tooted on its pretty, glossy box '*Best Product of the Year*' by **Home & Garden Magazine**, that I would find my new laundry refresher instead of just an overpriced sheet of fragrance. But, when I got home, that really wasn't the case. The frustrating part is, while the scent is a tad bit stronger on these than most Downy dryer sheets, it isn't as strong as I would have liked. I had to use more than one to two to get my clothes noticeably fragranced, and many times, they wouldn't exactly work even if I added a whole glob of them to one load. The scent doesn't really 'stick' to the clothes, and my laundry wasn't any softener than it was going into the washing machine as it was coming out of the dryer. In fact, I stopped using them for a while in frustration because they just weren't working like I had wanted them to. And yet, when I bought another brand of dryer sheets, my clothes smelled absolutely amazing, and they were noticeably softer-to-the-touch, much fresher, than when I used my Downy dryer sheets. Because these were so expensive, I continued to use them anyway instead of wasting them. Some articles of clothing, I noticed, seemed to carry the fragrance better than others - synthetics really didn't do it, but most cotton and natural fiber clothing did. It was a bit frustrating, and while these weren't the best, they were good for removing wrinkles and reducing static cling, about the only good thing to come out of using these. I was extremely disappointed in these dryer sheets, and especially in the **Simple Pleasures **line, since I have heard so many good things about it from others, yet have never gotten the same satisfaction as I would have liked. But, at least they tried.

Fullerton, CA


Downy Simple Pleasures Orchid Allure Dryer Sheets

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