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Downy Clean Breeze Dryer Sheets

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Loving the scent!!!


Downy Clean Breeze Dryer Sheets. Every one has different opions but for me I have been using this for years and makes my clothes smell great and helps reduce static cling. If I can smell the dryer the sheet out of the box then it's a good smelling dryer sheet! The dyer sheet is actually more noticable then the liquid softner...I love it. Makes my clothes soft and fresh. I never had any problems with it vs other brands that I have used in the past. I would recommend this product!!!

Wausau, WI


Where's the Smell?


**Downy** makes some great liquid fabric softeners, and their **Clean Breeze**, especially in the Ultra variety, is a refreshing, cool whiff of sweetness that I enjoy using on my laundry whenever I need it. However, if you're looking for that same freshness in the **Clean Breeze Dryer Sheets**, you may be a little disappointed. For the rather expensive price tag, Downy's dryer sheets should be some of the best in the bunch, but they're not - in fact, they're down right disappointing and lackluster. If their liquid fabric softeners leave your clothes not only fresh and clean with this amazing kiss of softness, their dryer sheets are a poor rendition of the liquids - the scents are barely recognizable to the originals, and they work so badly, it leaves me mystified how Downy could make such an imperfect, poorly-made product. In the box, the **Clean Breeze** scented dryer sheets had this certain freshness that reminded of cold, dewy spring nights where the outline of the black trees dances again the sapphire twilight, the wind blows briskly and the leaves in the trees rattle like sand as the pale, opalescent moon rises in the East, the night following her. It's fresh, somewhat powdery, and lovely, and that's where the problems arise. Most dryer sheets leave behind *some* kind of of noticeable fragrance on your laundry, even the cheapest of the cheap, but Downy's dryer sheets refuse to do so, no matter how many I pile into the dryer with each load. They are great for having on hand as wrinkle reducers and static eliminators, and while they do leave behind a nice kiss of softness on my clothes (instead of an icky, greasy film), it doesn't hide the fact that these are a bit too pricey and don't leave behind any noticeable fragrance, strangely and sadly. No matter how many I use, on different heat settings with different fabrics, etc., I pull out my laundry, press my nose into my clothes, and realize I smell absolutely nothing. Many times I have blamed myself, but even after repurchasing these, I still am left with clothes that have no scent, but everything else I am looking for in a dryer sheet. For the price and the fact I can *never* seem to find the smaller sizes, Downy should really be ashamed of themselves to make such an inferior product - it's a real dismal addition to their otherwise fantastic line of products (except for the equally unimpressive **Downy Unstopables**). If you want the whole package - freshness, no static, no wrinkles, and scent - purchase another brand of dryer sheets. You'll be happier in the long run. However, these are fine if you don't mind the lackluster fragrance abilities, as they work O.K. in every other department.

Fullerton, CA


Downy Clean Breeze Dryer Sheets

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