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Dove Shea Butter Bodywash

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This is the only body wash I like to use now.


This product is amazing I absolutely love it, I have been using this for about 2 months and my skin is so soft and silky! I hate the feel of lotion always have so my skin suffered alot because I never use it I have tried in shower body lotion but it made my skin oily feeling and I didn't like that either but this product used alone was a life changet for me it's amazing everbody who suffers from dry itchy skin should purchase this item!



Nice little touch of affordable luxury


Frankly, I prefer using the Dove Shea Butter bar soap as I generally don't buy stuff packed in plastic bottles unless really necessary. However, I thought I would give this a try as Dove's range of Bodywashes is really lovely to use. The perfume of this one is so caramelly that you almost feel you could eat it. As with all Dove products, it is creamy and moist so no disappointment there at all. It is a treat for the long bath and like other Dove products, does not create a skin of sludge on the bath - or, used in the shower, won't make the shower screen streaky. These are all pluses! I deducted a point only for the plastic bottle, as, even though it is made from recycled materials, it is still a problem involving chemical disposal etc. etc.. The product inside? Excellent and I wish it were available in a gallon bottle as I would just refill the bottle I bought. In actual fact, you only need a small dab, say on a facewasher or one of those scrunchy body washers, to make this product go a very long way. I generally buy my soaps and cleaners in bulk and so I have quite a few of these bottles stashed away. They are nice to put in the guest bathroom and everyone is happy with the Dove brand. Oh, and if you like the scent, then you can buy shampoo, conditioner and bar soap to match. I guarantee you will love the smell of your skin after, especially when the sun hits it: there is no artificial perfumey smell and the scent is actually quite light, not something that could trigger a migraine, for instance. Very yummy! My husband uses it too - it's not girly in the least, rather delicious! Scent Love it! It smells very clean and of caramel.



Dove Shea Butter Bodywash

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