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Dove Heat Defense Therapy Heat Activated Protect & Shine Mist

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Great Protection for Fine/Damaged Hair


If you're like me and have fine, cow slick prone, thin hair which is also damaged from years of experimenting with bleach and hair dyes when you were a nutty teenager, then you know how important it is to blow dry your hair. unfortunately, blow drying also damages hair and I've actually had 2 seperate experiences in which I've burned my hair using blow dryers. So I began using this spray. You can use it after getting out of the shower by spraying and combing though your air or you can use it on dry hair prior to drying. Either way, this spray really does seem to condition your hair as you blow dry (or straighten/curl with a flattening/curling irons), and it cuts down on fly-aways and annoying cowlicks. I don't blow dry without it now. For me this is an absolute necessity, especially since I have bangs and blow dry every single day. Before I started using this product my bangs were fried. Now they look really healthy. Definitely worth the money.



Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist protects your hair!


I have always battled with having extremely fine and limp hair. Thus, I always need to blow dry my hair after I wash it to give it some volume. All the blowing drying I do has make my hair dry, brittle, and dull. So I was looking for a reasonably priced product that would help me combat what the blow drying was doing to my hair. Since I use other Dove products, I decided to give this Heat Defense Therapy Mist a try. And it really has helped to protect my hair on a daily basis. My hair definitely does not feel as dry and looks shinier. I have been using it when my hair is wet and right before I blow dry and I think it's working. I don't have as much visible breakage of my hair. Also, I like how this product does not leave any funky residue in my hair.

Edison, NJ


Dove Heat Defense Mist works and is inexpensive!


I used to use thermasilk, which was the best for my hair but they do not make it anymore or it became sunsilk, which is a similar product. Sunsilk is also great but I can not find it in my local stores. So while online I came across the Dove Heat Defense line and bought the mist. I dye my hair every few months and my hair is normal. I blow dry and flat iron at least once a week or more. I love the Dove Defense line. I mist my hair while it is wet and then I blow dry my hair with a high heat ionic blow dryer. My hair gets a little poofy but is no where near frizzy like it would be if I just blew dry it with nothing in it. Then section by section I mist and flat iron. My hair just comes out so soft and beautiful. I love it. The product was surprisingly affordable and I have been using it for a few weeks and I see no damage from the heating and on days that I let my hair dry naturally it's less frizzy. I believe the mister plus the shampoo and conditioner and the blow dryer all are working together very well. and Dove you rock I love your soap and body wash too!

Riverside, CA


Not that great Dove


I use the hair drier, curler and flat iron. So I've read in so many places that I should protect my hair with some heating sprays blabla. So I went for the Dove... Honestly, I am not crazy about it. It has a silicone in it that is activated while you fry your hair, but when you are done, the hair feels like plastic. And I only put 1-2 pumps and I have allot of hair. It's not that nice and free feeling. I don't like it that much. Now, until I am done with it, I spray some on my brush and brush my hair with it while wet.

Spring, TX


a must-have for my hard to handle hair


This product has become a part of my everyday hair care routine. My hair is very thick and hard to manage. To keep it looking healthy and not frizzy, I have to do quite a bit of work, including using a flat iron every day. The heat from a blowdryer and styling tools can make hair damaged,but Dove's Heat Defense Therapy Heat Activated Protect & Shine Mist helps to keep this from happening. I just spray it all over and comb through my damp hair before blowdrying. This light,great smelling mist doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or looking weighed down. It's very light and doesn't leave any tell-tale residue. My hair ends up soft,shiny and silky. And best of all, it doesn't cost a small fortune. Finally, a product that works like a professional treatment without breaking your wallet.

Clearwater, FL


Dove Heat Defense Therapy Heat Activated Protect & Shine Mist

4.2 5