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Distinctives Turbo Spin Combo Shower Head

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Not worth the aggravation! I would have given it NO stars...


My husband and I registered and got the TurboSpin Shower Head by Distinctives for our wedding.  Installation was not a problem.   If fact, it was simple to install and very sharp looking. The problem we had was how the handheld showerhead wouldn't stay in it's cradle.  Each time we used the stationary head, the handheld would fall out of the cradle and crack us either on the head (or even on our face).  It eventually became too dangerous for us to hang it back on the cradle so we left it draped over the faucet.  Within 10 months of getting it, the handheld head then fell off rendering it now useless. For the price of this product, the quality and safety is poor.  I would NOT recommend this product to anyone, especially people who want to shower without the fear of getting a bruise on their forehead, or losing some teeth when it falls off and hits you in the mouth.     

Canterbury, NH


Good, but a little pricey.


We got the Turbo Spin Combo Shower Head by Distinctives as a wedding gift after registering for it for our wedding.  My husband said that the installation wasn't a problem (and there were no tools thrown through the shower, so I think I'll believe him there). Both heads work great as long as you only use one at a time.  You can have both going at once, but we both found the water pressure too low at that point to effectively rinse shampoo or conditioner out of our hair. Switching between the two is super easy with a little knob on the side. The official documentation says that there are  "six different spray settings, including spray, pulsating massage, spray with massage, and pause. Also features a Turbo Spin spiraling center nozzle that offers spiral and spray with spiral settings."  I like the massage settings, but my husband thinks they're a little too rough sometimes, so I thinnk that depends on just how high pressure you like your showers. There's a full foot height difference between us so it's nice for both of us to be able to  have a shower head that's a good height.  The stationary head is great if you're under 5'4" or so (I'm 5') and the 6' hubby likes the removable head in it's little holder as a regular shower head. Overall I'd recommend this for someone who wants the versatility of a regular shower head or a hand held, or when people of different heights use the same shower.  I think the price tag is a little steep, but not too awful. This doesn't have the sort of set up that would make it useful for someone who uses a wheelchair or needs to sit in the shower for some other reason and wants a hand held head.  I think that the knob to choose which one to use is up too high to be accessable.

Overland Park, KS


Distinctives Turbo Spin Combo Shower Head

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