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Disney Pixâ„¢ Click Digital Camera

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Dont buy it


I would be really mad if I had not found this camera on sale. If your subject is not perfectly still you cannot get their picture. I was on Row 1 of a wrestling event and all I got was pictures of blurry objects. I bought this camera for my niece and thought I would use it to make sure it was easy for her to use. I took pictures all night very excitesd about how close I was, and how good my pictures were going to be. Imagine my horror when almost none of them took. My sister bought a disposable camera which ended up taking much better pictures than this digital disaster. I did not give it to my niece I would not want her to be this disappopnted

Knoxville, TN


Dim pictures darken my outlook on this toy.


I wouldn't dream of recommending this to **Anyone** who has ever seen a photograph made after the 60s. Not only do the photos come out too dark, there is no flash, no preview of the pictures, AND the software is absolute junk to work with. Don't even get me started on the manual! I'm certainly glad this was a gift because it wasn't worth the time to pry it out of the impossibly sealed plastic much less pay for it. To be more specific and to a tee, when my 5 year old received this gift we fumbled with it for 10 minutes to get it out, then we had to locate batteries, and once we get taking pictures we realize there's no way to look at them without first loading the extremely buggy memory consuming software. My five year old was VERY disappointed to find out that not only was the software terrible and proprietary so you had to use it to view your pictures, but that the pictures weren't even worth looking at, all of them horribly dark, blurry, and out of focus because there is NO way to focus the camera but sheer dumb luck.Once again, I urge you to avoid buying this because it leads directly down the lane of frustration and then veers sharply to annoyance.

Columbus, GA


Not worth it, unless you just want a "toy"


This is a camera that we bought for our daughter last Christmas.  I was very excited for it to be her first digital camera.  I knew going in that the megapixels were low, but so was my very first digital 8 years ago!  So, I was suprised to find out that the picture quality was so poor.  The flash is not at all strong, so the indoor pictures are all dark.  I have tried using it in better indoor lighting, but to no avail.  I thought perhaps it was the review screen that made the pictures look dark, but after uploaing them to the pc, I found that they were in fact still dark!  She loves to "play" with it, though..... it is pink, of course.  (She is 5)  And I have only had to change the batteries once in 9 months.  Great toy, not-so-great camera!

Middletown, MD




disney pix, is a very very cute camera.. i would love to buy one of those for me and for the people that i live with!!!hopefully i will find one in stores soonits better specially for the kids, since it is from disney, and also because im pretty sure adults would want something that looks more mature, and not so childish!!!but its, its a very cute camera!

Carrollton, TX


don't waste you rmoney


I brought this camera for my 9 yr old daughter when we went on a trip. She was very excited to use this camera. We took pictures all during our visit and by the time we went to upload the photos they did not turn out at all.The 2nd time we went to use the camera the number of photos showed on the camera and but nothing uploaded on the computer. The next time we went to use it , the counter wouldn't work. at all. Bottom line is we never got to see how it works and it is just a junk toy.

Minneapolis, MN


Who wants a digital camera with no flash


I bought this camera for my 8 year old daughter.  She loves it except when she wants to take pictures at night or on a cloudy day.  She wanted it because my two nieces have the same camera.  Who wants a digital camera with no flash...?

Princeton, NJ


Disney Pixâ„¢ Click Digital Camera

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