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Disney Fairies TinkerBell Light Up Projector

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The Disney Light up Projector is NOT SAFE


Hello, I am writing to you all to inform you of the danger with Disney Light Up Projectors. My son got his from an area Walmart for Christmas this year. It stopped working, we changed the batteries and it worked for a minute or two and cut off. He continued to play with it, until he started crying that he was burnt. I took the flashlight from his hands. It had gotten hot, the spring in the bottom of it melted through the plastic and burnt his hand. I put the light in the kitchen sink where it continued to get hotter and hotter for about 15 minutes before it cooled down. After searching the internet for reviews I found that the same exact thing has happened to other consumers. This product is NOT safe!

Charlottesville, VA


Disney Fairies TinkerBell Light Up Projector

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