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Disc O Sit Balance Cushion - 15"

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I love you, my unstable friend. You always keep me off balance!


**Quick View:** I sit for long periods of time working and this little disc gives my body a challenge. I just sit on it like it is a seat cushion and the wobbly effect has me slightly adjusting as I sit. I don't notice it but, all the time I am sitting, my abs and back are working to keep me sitting up straight. In turn, my abs are getting a workout while I type. Cool! I love it but my family hates this little rubbery disc. It takes getting used to but is worth the effort! **What is the Disc O'Sit? ** The disc is a round, vinyl (rubber-like) inflatable cushion with a bumpy surface. It is about 15" in diameter and varies in width depending on how much you inflate it. You can inflate it just a bit for a small challenge or more to be rocking and rolling in your seat. **What Do You Do With It? ** The Disc O'Sit has several uses. First, it's a seat cushion. You inflate it with a needle type inflator to the "wobblyness" you desire. If you imagine sitting on a stability ball with your feet on the ground, you can get a bit of an idea of what sitting on the Disc is like, only much less wobbly. I inflated mine until it was firm. The Disc sits on your chair and does nothing. You sit on it and adjust your balance every second you are sitting on it. At first, you will feel uncomfortable. You, I assume, are used to sitting on a stable surface and a wobble feels very strange. After a few days of using the Disc, you will forget it is there. It's comfortable and soft and your core (abs/back/waist area) does all the work even though you will rarely feel yourself adjusting your body slightly. This Disc isn't so wobbly that you can fall or feel uncomfortable. It is provides just enough instability so that tiny adjustments in balance are needed to stay seated with good posture. If you slouch, you'll be reminded with a wobble. Rather than end up out of shape from a desk job, you can actually keep your abs engaged and working all while doing nothing. That is my favorite kind of workout! But there is more to the Disc than just a seat cushion. You can use the Disc on the floor. Put the nubbed side down for grip and do a squat or a lunge. Oh yeah, you'll feel the challenge to your balance. Stack a couple for an extra challenge. You can use this Disc in a variety of ways when you work out to add intensity to any move. You can also sit on the Disc on the floor while practicing yoga or even watching TV. Everything you do with the Disc beneath you challenges the balance and core and adds intensity. I have tried sitting on the Disc during a yoga session and had a great time focusing on both the moves and my balance at once. It was tough but fun. Lastly, it's great for long car trips. It is comfortable and soft but also keeps your core moving on those painfully long, nearly motionless drives or rides. Working out while driving or riding in a car? Why, yes you can - and safely, with the Disc O'Sit. **My Viewpoint** I recommend this cushion to anyone who wants to add a little challenge to their core while sitting at their desk or who wants a portable balance cushion to use while working out. It's inexpensive, nearly indestructible, and has many uses. And best of all, it's comfortable. It's like having an extra layer of soft cushioning on your seat while you work and who wouldn't want that? While this little Disc alone won't give you six pack abs or the balance of a tightrope walker, it will definitely give your core a work out and will, wordlessly, tell you to sit up straight. ***5 stars for the wobbly rubber disc that everyone in my home is hoping will disappear one day - but won't!***

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Disc O Sit Balance Cushion - 15"

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