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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Vibe Quick Vac

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The Dirt Devil Vibe gets the dirt, but is hard to handle.


The Dirt Devil Vibe gets the dirt, food, and sand left behind by my children (as is  apparent each time I empty the canister), however it is really loud, kind of bulky and clumsy to use, especially going over uneven surfaces. This vacuum has great hand held tool capabilities, but they are difficult to access in an efficient manner.

Yorktown, IN


Dirt Devil Vibe Quick Vac is great for apartments


I bought this vacuum when I first moved into my own apartment. It was pretty inexpensive and it doesn't take up much space so it is great for those with a limited budget or limited space. I am not the neatest person and don't vacuum too often, but it does a good job of picking up the dirt when I run it. I recently got a cat that sheds like crazy so now I'm getting a lot more use out of it. The bagless canister is easy to empty. The suction is pretty good and it comes with two attachments that are great for vacuuming furniture or in tight spaces. One complaint I have is that the filter got pretty dirty pretty quickly, but I was able to clean it some to make it last longer. I haven't been able to find a replacement filter in the store so I guess I will have to order one. One more positive- my vacuum is purple which I really like! All in all this is a pretty good vacuum for the price and I would recommend it.

West Lafayette, IN


Dirt Devil Vibe - good at picking up, is very lightweight!


I've owned my dirt Devil vibe for over a year now and on the whole, I've been very pleased with it.  It handles carpet and hard floors as well as upholstery.  It happily picked up cat hair and cat litter.  My only complaint is that the beater bar has a habit of getting tangled up and stuck - it doesn't like our long human hair or the string in my sewing room.  When it does get stuck, it's a lot of work to get it untangled.  It requires a screwdriver and about an hour.  I'm probably spoiled by how easy it is to empty the chamber and clean out the filter (Really Easy!).  The stuck beater bar has burned out a belt once already, but replacement belts are cheap and easy to come by for this model. The cord is long enough to cover a good portion of my house - very convenient.  I've never had a problem with the attatchments or hoses not reaching something.  And I simply love the fact that the attatchments actually have a spot on the vacuum for when they're not in use.

Harrisburg, PA


The dirt devil is the best vacuum.


**      I own a dirt devile vacuum cleaner a i love it. It works realy good I like the bag less so there are no mess and you dont have to spend money on geting them when you run out. Its a realy good vacuum cleaner to have. its light and easy to clean it gets the job done. I think it would be a good vacuum to give someone has a gifted or just to get so they can save money. Its realy worth the money and you save in a sence to because you dont have to buy any bages to go with it and you dont have any mess to clean up and even the kids could help you with the vacuuming. It is realy wonderful and i think everyone should buy one not for just your self but for a family member or a friend.. I realy love this vacuum.. And they come in so many different colors so if you dont like blue you can chose a different color.. I like that they have different colors cause you can each have your own color so you would no witch ones yours with out having to write your name to keep them straght. its always helpfull to no witch ones yours.**

Cedar Rapids, IA


best vacuum i've owned in years


i have to tell people about the dyna dirt devil bagless quickvac. i am a pet owner i have a shetland sheepdog which sheds mostly all year round, and i needed a vacuum strong enough to handle the job. well i found this dirt devil baglees quick vac at the store one day and decided to get it. i am fond of the dit devol products. so i took it home and i decided to use it after the dog decided to leave her fur all over the place. just 2 minutes and the canister was full. i could not believe how much fur and dirt that was in it so i emptied it and started again. by the time i was done vacuuming one room i had about 20 canisters full of dog fur. i thought the dog was in it, lol! so the next day i ran it again and i ended up with about 15 canisters of dirt. i just couldn't believe all that was on the carpet cause it wasn't visible to me. i even took it to work to try there and it really amazed me and my co-worker cause the carpet was already cleaned and i ended up with a full canister of dirt. we just stared for a few minutes. now i tell everyone i can about how amzing this vacuum is. i even bouht my mom one and she has no pets.

Middletown, PA


dirt devil, not very impressed


i bought this vacuum about a year ago and i knew from the start that i should not of kept it.  the first time i used it it got nothing up and i did not feel like my carpet was clean at all.  Also let just a few pieces of hair get stuck around the roller and you will be stuck taking it all apart to get that out, that happened in one day.  It does not clean up any big pieces or even small ones, the sucking power on it is horrible, if i want to get anything clean i have to use the attatchment which does an ok job.  i was very disatisfied with this and had to just go get another one, after less then 5 uses it was useless.  i do keep it around for certain jobs that i don't want to use my new vacuum on, but all and all i am very unhappy with the product and the price i paid for it, but i guess we all make mistakes from time to time.   unfortunatly that has made me not willing to buy any further products from them and i am really big on reading reviews now for any item i buy like this

Phoenix, AZ


Dirt Devil Vibe Quick Vac

3.8 6