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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vac

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Cherios are sucked easily!!!


I was skeptical about buying a handheld vaccum, but I needed something small to do those trickie works around the house, where you don't want to carry your big vaccum! after long research the dirty devil seemed my best choice, pricewise and durability and good reviews (5 years ago). I don't regreat this purchase; of course I do find out anoying that the power lasts 15 minutes working continuosly, and then you have to recharge again to re-use (mine is always charging in the garage!), but as far as I know, other handhelds (I tried) are pretty much similar on power! so, for the good's light (you can carry anywhere), durable has a dandy flip (no attachements around the house), and it sucks everything that I need! My daughter eat her cherios on her pack and play, it's a party sometimes; my dirty devil does the job, sucking all cherios and cleaning the area! it works wonder around our house. I've never changed the filter because I always wash it, and never had a problem with it's sucction. So, as long as you keep in mind that the job to be done will be 15 minutes or're *n good hands!!!*

Clermont, FL


Dirt Devil Scorpion is wimpy


Let me start by saying that I am pretty disappointed with my Dirt Devil M0886 Scorpion Handheld Vacuum!  It did work pretty well for a few months, but that is about it.  It is important to me that my handheld vacuum be cordless so i can take it throughout to suck up dirt.  Some times I want it upstairs, sometimes downstairs and I do not want to hassle with plugging and unplugging it.  Well, the Dirt Devil M0886 Scorpion Handheld Vacuum is indeed cordless, but it hardly holds a charge.  Seriously, even when it is fully charged, the darn thing will not vacuum for even a minute before it runs out of power.  It is a joke.  Some things that I do like include it's light weight and the Quick Flip Crevice Tool. The Quick Flip Crevice Tool is built in and very easy to click into place so you can vacuum into tight spots - however, you of course have to have some power in order to vacuum!  I hate to throw it away, but that is all I can think to do with it.  I'm in the market for a new cordless hand vac...

Portland, OR


Dirt Devil M0886 -- great gimmicky tool


The 'gimmick' or handy feature of this **Dirt Devil** handheld vacuum cleaner is the "Quick Flip" crevice tool. I love this handy feature because I don't have to go and search for my attachments.  The Quick Flip crevice tool is attached permanently to the **Dirt Devil** vacuum cleaner body. All that you do is to push the button on top of the unit to release the crevice tool. It flips down automatically and aligns with the rest of the unit. There is nothing to hook or unhook into place, although a gentle push is needed to secure the nozzle. Just do that and you are ready to go. And, as the name suggests, it is a great crevice tool. I don't know how many crumbs and tiny bits of 'stuff' can actually get into corners, but for me, they always do. Especially in my car. The **Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum with Crevice Tool** really gets down into those impossible-to-teach places (you know, the ones you cannot reach with your fingers) and sucks them up really well. To store the crevice tool when you're done, just pull down on the nozzle until it releases and flip it back up and until it locks into place. You can then use it as you would a regular hand held vac for larger places you wish to vacuum.Underneath is a button which slides to allow you to use or retract bristles depending on if you are cleaning something delicate.This small **Dirt Devil** vacuum cleaner also has an easy-to-use empty dirt cup. It's a decent size for a small vacuum and the top of the vacuum cleaner has a see-through large top, so you can tell when it's full much more easily than otherwise. To empty the dirt cup is easily done with the push of the release button, which separates the nozzle away from the base of the unit. I recommend holding it over a trashcan when emptying it out. Gently pull the dirt cup out and shake the dirt and debris from it. (with dirt cup release button)The charging light turns off when the Dirt Devil is fully charged.FEATURES:Cordless 15.6 Volt Hand VacPowered by an Energy Star qualified battery charger with the environment in mind.Long battery life.Utilizes 70% less energy. For household use only.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Distributed by TTI Flor Care North AmericanGlenwillow, OH  44139Made in China2007 Royal Appliance Manufacturing CoToll free 1-800-0321-1134The unit is an attractive blue and gray in color.This **Dirt Devil** is easy to hold and I find it is well-designed. It's a lot more compact-looking than older models I have owned. It's also not too heavy. It's fairly noisy, but has way above average suction..

Goleta, CA


worked for awhile and then stopped working all together


I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to vaccuming and cleaning floors and surfaces. However, it is hard to get into those tight spaces and corners with the larger vaccums. Also, during the school year I live on a college campus in dorm and the carpet they have seems to soak up every piece of dirt and hair that falls onto it. Therefore, I bought this vaccum because I thought it would help me to better clean the dirt in the corners and if I needed a quick clean it seemed very handy and it worked great for awhile. It was easy to use with no bag to replace. All I had to do was open the canister and dump out the dirt. The only downside was having to replace the filter every once in a while. Also, it was cordless and came with a charger so I never had to worry about a cord stretching far enough. Yet, about a month it just quit working all together. I tried changing the filter, cleaning it out, replacing the battery, and using a different charger. Nothing worked. I am so surprised by this too, because Dirt Devil is supposed to be a leading brand in vaccums. I recommend to not buy this vaccum. Its descriptions are deceiving and it is not worth the money if you have to buy filters that only Dirt Devil sells and then the machine quits woring for no reason. I guess I know for next time to investigate better.

New Orleans, LA


Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vac

2.8 4