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DirecTV - 500-Hours HD DVR

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DirecTV HR22 500 Hours HD DVR is a pretty good choice.


We got the DirecTV HR22 500 Hours HD DVR when we first subscribed to DirecTV and have thought it was a wise choice since the beginning. We watch a lot of TV and the HD makes it that much more enjoyable. I like that I can record 2 shows at once and that's been a plus. I also like that multiple shows can be deleted at once. We fill the DVR up pretty fast because we record a lot of shows but once we watch them we can do a multiple delete and they're gone pretty fast to make room for more. It's pretty simple to use and a great thing to have with Directv! Capacity It's pretty decent on storage space but we fill it up pretty quick. Recording Quality I'd say the quality is the best part of this while thing. I love the crispness of High Definition! I like that two shows can record at once while the downside is that the viewing has to be one of the two that is recording. Ease of Use It's simple to use and even has an option that makes multiple deleting simple.

Westminster, SC


What you want


I've never used any other tv recording program so I can't say from personal experience if this is better than any other one, but I have read that Tivo is actually the best on the market. For this though, I haven't had too much trouble recording shows I want to watch later on, which is every show since I never know what time they're actually on. Capacity I've had my dvr for over half a year now and have hit maybe 10% of it's capacity. For me how much it holds really isn't an issue anyways because I don't watch a lot of tv and if I watch an episode of something it typically gets deleted soon after. Recording Quality Depending on what I want to record sometimes it will record part way into a show or start before a show is on catching a couple minutes of commercials. I'm sure this is partly due to the networks fault. Another problem is sometimes it will record episodes shows I've already got recorded. Ease of Use Setting up a show is typically very easy, sometimes the shortcut commands can get confusing though. For example, most often hitting R twice on the remote will start recording the show you're watching and all it's future episodes, but sometimes it seems it doesn't know.



awesome to skip the commericals


I love the selection of channels on directive to start with. There is something for everyone of any age. Great family friendly Choices so you can have a family night in. I also love my DVR it is great that that I can record any show while I am out or at work and be able to watch it on my time. Ease of Use -

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


DirecTV DVR is like my own network!


I love watching TV, but who doesn't!  I hate watching something I do not want to watch because there is nothing else on TV.  But with the DVR I can record shows and watch them when there is nothing else better on TV.  I can also skip commercials when I do not feel like watching them.  With just the touch of one button I can record a show or just as easily record a series.  I don't like that it will only record 5 of any particular show because sometimes I fall behind on a show and I have to make sure I am not 5 shows behind.  I can search for shows easily.  I like the look of the box itself and it is not too big.  There is a lot of memory and I have shows saved from a year ago.  I have had no problems with the DVR box itself or with my DirecTV service.  The remote is also easy to use and can be set up to use on other devices such as your TV or DVD player.  The batteries have last a long time in the remote.  However, I do have to say that the remote is ugly and I don't like the color but really is not that big of a deal.     



DirecTV HR22 HD Receiver is perfect for a family of any size!


We have two of these DirecTV HR22 (500-hours) HD DVR in our household. We enjoyed it so much in the living room, we had another one installed in our bedroom. This HD DVR is wonderful for a family of any size because of the allotted recording time that you have on the unit! Five hundred hours is enough to record everyone's favorite television series, favorite movies and daily programs- the only problem is taking turns watching those programs! It allows my family to have family night when it works into everyone's schedule, and it is great not being limited to Saturday nights for a great family friendly movie. The picture quality with the DirecTV HR22 HD DVR is amazing, crystal clear! It makes everything on television that much more exciting and realistic! I like the functions with the DVR that not only allows you to record a favorite show, but it will record your favorite series every time a new episode is on! I definitely recommend this for any household.

Nampa, ID


I don't want to watch TV without it


My husband had us switch to DirecTv and we got the DVR reciever as part of the package. I LOVE it! I barely ever watch TV on live time any more. I don't see the point anymore to watch television on real time because I don't have to waste my time watching commercials and instead of flipping through channels worrying about what to watch - I can just pull up the things I want to watch and like. It is also nice for the times that I have something going on when the show is on. I don't have to worry about planning my life around my favorite TV shows - instead I can watch it when I get home and skip 20 minutes of commercials. It holds alot of shows - which is good because my husband sure records alot of stuff!  It is easy to use for non-techy people like me and it only takes a short while to record the shows you like. I never want to go back to watching TV without a DVR. I am spoiled. I go to my parents house and I always want to have the fast-forward the commercials. I love this DVR!

Rochester, MN


Simply awesome!


The Directv HD DVR has absolutely changed the way that I watch television.  First of all, if yiou do not have a DVR in general, you must get one if you love watching TV.  This wonderful device allows you to watch your favorite shows on your own schedule.  Also, you can pause, rewind,c etc. with live TV.  This particular model holds a ton of recorded shows - we have never come close to running out of space.  This box also does a terrific job presenting programs in HD (capable up to 1080p) and everything looks crips and clear.  Additonally, the HD DVR has been fairly reliable.  It occasionally records things that should not be recorded (like a rerun of something we have set to record first-run episodes only), but that could just be in the prgramming of the guide.  The search features are fairly easy to use as well.  Sometimes, it takes longer to repsond to the remote than I would like, but overall, this HD DVR is worth every penny!

Highland Park, IL


I could not live without my directv dvr!


If I could say just one simple thing about having a dvr: I would rather die than not have one! Just kidding! But seriously, I really love having a dvr and directv is great so it all works out. My daughter is a little over two years old and is totally obsessed with spongebob. We watch spongebob all freaking day long! To tell you the truth I love spongebob as well, I guess thats because of the kid in me. But anyway, the point is that I have over 190 different spongebob episodes, 140 or more South Park episodes (for me and hubbie) and about 100 Family Guy episodes and several more movies and other favorite nickelodeon cartoons. The only time I have ever had a problem was a time or two it started to record hour long episodes in two parts. But it only did that a few times and it truly has not been too big of a deal. The quality is great the size is more than enough and I have the basic dvr hard drive. So if you don't have a DVR you should really get one! The best thing about it is you can totally avoid commercials! And I am the number one hater on commercials!

Marion, IL


terrible experience with DirecTv


Possibly the worst television experience of my life.  I have thousands of channels listed on my guide and I get maybe 10 (how would I know?).  There doesn't seem to be a way to view a guide with only subscribed channels.  Everyday I go through the same exercise.  I look for something that appeals to me only to find out that I don't get the channel.  Specifically, I go to the FIRST page which lists all channel categories,  then I pick a category and go to the next screen.  Then I pick a specific channel only to get a "channel not purchased" message.  I have to hit the "guide" button to start the entire process over again.  This is exasperating.  I usually give up after while, totally frustrated.

Orlando, FL


DirecTV - 500-Hours HD DVR

4.0 9