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Dial Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar, Clean and Refresh

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Dial Clean and Refresh Bar Soap - Love This Soap


I prefer to buy bar soap because you end up saving so much money versus the popular body washes out there. That said, some bar soaps can really dry out your skin. Since I already have dry and sensitive skin, I have to use caution with bar soaps. After trying many different kinds, Dial's Clean & Refresh Antibacterial Deodorant Bar soap is my favorite. This is the brand I have used for several years now. It has a wonderful clean scent, lathers up really nicely, and does a great job cleaning. Some scented soaps tend to be irritating to my sensitive skin, but this one is very mild. The Clean and Refresh soap also rinses off very easily, without leaving a filmy feeling on your skin. I do wish that they would make this exact bar soap without the antibacterial properties. Until then, this is the one that I purchase, time after time. This is a great product for a reasonable price.



Dial Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar, Clean and Refresh

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