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Desert Essence
Desert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter

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more than a "chap-stick", it moisturizes!


i can't speak highly enough of this product!  i'm prone to dry skin in general, including my lips.  a few years ago, i discovered that lotions containing shea butter do my poor dry hands a world of good, and the more shea they contain, the better.  then one day i was in Whole Foods and happened to notice this lip balm and figured it was worth trying.  this stuff is great!  it doesn't have any flavor or scent to it, so there's no temptation to lick it off your lips.  it glides on very, very smooth and light, not thick and sticky like many lip balms do.  most lip balms are all about "protecting" your lips, which is all well and good, but if your lips are already all dry and chapped to begin with, you need something more.  i've tried liip moisturizers that come in a more liquid-y form, inside of a squeezable tube.  this Desert Essence lip balm works every bit as well or better, and it's all natural with no animal testing...and personally, i prefer the cylindrical tube that you twist at the bottom to the types of lip balm / moisturizer that you have to either squeze out or scoop out of a tiny tub with your finger.

Baton Rouge, LA


Lip Rescue lip balm leaves your lips super soft and smooth!


**Desert** **Essence** **Lip Rescue** **with** **Shea** **Butter **is my absolute favorite lip balm!  I have tried over 30 lip balms and can really say that this one is the best.  It is made with all natural ingredients, isn't tested on animals and is petroleum and paraben-free. It is the softest, silkiest feeling on the lips.  It isn't waxy or sticky at all.  It is NOTHING like Chapstick.  It kind of feels like olive oil on your lips.  It has a faint, but pleasant scent.  Although peppermint oil is an ingredient, it does not make my lips tingle.  It really does provide the best feeling on your lips.  I can't get enough of it, I have one in my purse *and *one on my nightstand. **Ingredients**: soybean oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, shea butter, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, rosemary leaf oil, vitamin E, propyl gallate, peppermint oil.  **The Scoop!** If you like light-weight lip balms that are made out of all natural ingredients, I highly recommend **Desert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter**, it's the best!  

Camp Lejeune, NC


Desert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter

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