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Dell XPS Laptop

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I am a certified medical transcriptionist. I have this computer. I work from home doing transcription but sometimes, when the family goes on vacation, I want to go with them. This laptop makes it possible for me to take my job with me! The computer is fast, which is an absolute must. I am able to bring my laptop and set up shop anywhere we go. I just plug it in as long as I have internet and I'm in business; working just as if I were at home. This makes for a happy employer, employee, and client. I use the laptop strictly for work purposes due to the nature of my business; however, the system has amazing potential. The speed is lightening fast so if someone were to use it for games, it would be exceptional. The sound quality is outstanding. I didn't need to purchase Bose speakers or headphones as I would normally do with other systems; that was a surprise to me all in itself. I would normally have to do this, but not with this laptop I didn't. I would recommend this laptop for any student or business person looking for one that needs to be on the go. This is definitely that computer. Battery Life Superb. Support & Service Dell has always provided top-notch quality support and service. They have one of the best customer service policies I have experienced. I have purchased numerous Dell computers over the last 25 years, and this one of the reasons why. Speed/Performance Outstanding Design Excellent and easy to use. Durability For the cost of the computer, it's worth the money. These computers last.



more than i ever expected


very fast and easy to use. Ease of Use i am left handed and the touch pad for the "mouse" feature is easy to use. the keys are quiet. Battery Life i get about 3 to 4 hours of use after fully charged. an ideal battery life for me would be 12 hours a day but todays technology does not seem to allow that yet. :) Support & Service have not had to use support Speed/Performance just as fast as my desktop Design i only wish the keyboard lit up so that i could see them at night

Trenton, FL


Dell XPS Laptop

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