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Dell Notebook PC

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dell 1550 is a real deal for power and cost


I purchased a DELL 1550 with the intel core 2 Duo processor and windows vista and have been very happy with it. My purchase was in December of 2008 and I bought it directly from Dell. Free shipping, easy finance deal and was approved for more than the purchase of this laptop. Saved money in the deal as well. I am not the kind of guy that grabs his laptop and drags it everywhere I go. The Wi-Fi connection is very good in the times I have used it. I have a cable free system in the house and can set up in the kitchen, bedroom, back yard or office. The receiver in the computer came with the unit, built in. It is operated on AC current or battery. It charges while you work on it and for the ease of moving around the house or on trips the setup in only a couple of minutes. Just find a spot and open it up and away you go. Want to work for hours in the same spot just plug into the house power and have unlimited time. I am considering additional purchases of this unit for my teenage children to help them with school work. I have found that I can watch some of my favorite TV shows I may have missed and forgot to record so I can stay up to date with the series. The sound is good and if I want I can use headphones to keep the noise down in the house. My children have used it and were creative in the use of the web-cam that is built into it. Not only did they make so silly videos, but were able to connect with their older sister, who lives out of state and talk to her directly and see each other with the web-cam. The shipping was on time, as they projected with the holiday mailing going on and to the front door safely. The credit department offered me no interest for six months and in that time I was able to pay down a large portion of the bill. This savings was very helpful for me and my family. I am a widowed single parent with three children at home. Savings is very important to me. I have had no problems with my DELL1550 and it came fully equipt with all I needed and have added nothing to it since I purchased it seven months ago. I hope this short review is helpfull for you.

Tucson, AZ


Dell Notebook PC

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