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Dell Notebook/Laptop PC

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What an amazing laptop, I love it


I have had this laptop for 2 years now and it is still as good now as it always has been apart from the chassis fan not spinning as quietly or as fast as it used to.This laptop gets a lot of abuse, distributed software applications, music, virtual machines, programming, website refreshers, hibernation and of course Windows Vista.The only time this laptop doesn't get a lot of hammering is when i am at home at a weekend and there is no internet connection!It is always on and has been since the moment i got it. I have done 4 firmware upgrades, 2 memory upgrades to 2GB and 3 hard drive changes. I now have a 160GB laptop drive at 7200 RPM and it works fantastically, I have changed the CDRW to a DVDRW and upgraded the firmware and have had no issues. Instead of the default windows XP i upgraded to Vista. Everything was detected as default and works fine. There are 4 USB ports in the machine and each one works at the same time. fantastic!1 PCMCIA slot, firewire., serial, pararrelle, monitor, network and modem slots too. I dont think they could have included anything else with this laptop. It is just perfect for everything i do. The only problem i have is that it is not dual core, but for a laptop that was released before dual core thats like complaining you are not king because your great ancestors didn't think of killing the king first!Brilliant laptop by Dell, i will always buy a Dell laptop!

Beverly Hills, CA


Not for a Heavy duty computer user.


I have had my Dell LatitudeD510 for almost 4 years now and it worked well for a while. I wouldn't advice a graphic designer or any other heavy duty computer user to buy this though as it becomes really slow and frustrating to carry all your work load after a short period.

Chicago, IL


Dell Notebook/Laptop PC

4.0 2