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Dell Inspiron PC Notebook

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Loved this laptop!


I bought the Dell Inspiron 600m straight from Dell about 5 years ago. It has lasted me, without problems, the entire time and is still working today! The balance between screen size and weight in this laptop is a combination hard to match even in today's laptops. With a 15" NOT widescreen display, you get a lot more screen size than you do with the newer widescreen displays, which is perfect if you're into multitasking, drawing, or programming (like I am). The battery life is not the greatest compared to nowadays laptops, Inspiron lasts about two hours unplugged, running basic operations. However, this is still plenty of time for many everyday operations.  The fan can get a bit noisy when it's turned on (which happens when running intesive applications, or the laptop is left on a cloth or carpet surface), so I tend to use laptop cooler when I can.  The touchpad that comes with the computer is sensitive and easy to use, and the keys are easily depressed and comfortable to type with. Overall, I've been very happy with this laptop.

Beverly Hills, CA


This laptop worths the money


My dell Inspiron 600M has be**en more than 6 years old. It is not the nicest laptop I have ever used. But it worths the money I paid dell.  During the 6 years, it never fails me. All parts are still working fine till today. That is the point I like it most.** **I upgraded the screen when I bought it at It is sharp enough for a 14" one.** **I upgraded the memory to 1.256G (one 1G stick and one 256M stick) from the original 512M (2 256M sticks) configuration. That is the only upgrade I did after receiving it.  And I think it worths it too. More memory allows it to run multiple programs together without significantly slowing the notebook down.** **The battery life is so so. When using wi-fi, it can last 2-3 hours at most. Not too bad. But it can not compare with the current notebooks, not mentioning tablets and netbooks.** **The hinge connecting the body and lcd screen is kind of loose. At some angle, I can feel the screen is not hold tight at all.** ****

Allen, TX


Dell Inspiron PC Notebook

4.0 2