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Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook

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Mini Netbook has its pro's and con's


I received my Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook for Christmas last year.  It is perfect for my needs...which is basically surfing the web, checking my e-mail and occasionally typing a few documents.  Its super convienent to pack up and take with my any where I go.  (I even take it with my when I go get my oil changed!)  It fits perfectly inside my purse (yes, I have a big purse! I'm a mom...what can I say :) The most annoying thing about it is the mouse pad.  Randomly, when I am typing it will make my cursor jump to another place in my document without realizing it and before I know it, I'm typing random words in the middle of another sentence.  The mouse pad also will randomly enlarge and shrink the screen size.  (I do realize that its not really random...its when I accidentally touch it without realizing it.  Either way, its SUPER annoying.) The battery life on here is AMAZING!  When its fully charged it can last between 6-8 hours without having to be plugged in. Also, I love plugging this into my TV with the HDMI cord and watching movies or tv shows with it. A downside to my netbook is that the graphics card is too small and some of the things my kids and I like to do (they like to play games and i like to scrapbook), I can't do with this.  Oh well.  Its still great!!

Dewitt, MI


Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook

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