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Dell Inspiron Desktop Computer (Intel CORE I5 650 1000GB/6GB) (DDDWZC1)

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Great Dell 580s Intel i5 Desktop!


To start of with, let me say **Dell customer support** can be **very helpful **when attempting to setup your computer. In addition to their support, you recieve a full users manual that tells you everything you need to know about setting up your computer, providing safety recommendations along with each step. **After setup, I was impressed with the quad core power (x4)**. Its much faster than a dual core (x2) of course, but the tower does not overheat at all. **This desktop is great for gaming purposes** --- I don't even have an upgraded graphics card and gaming is still in outstanding quality. **There are plenty of USB ports/audio jacks provided**. I have my All-In-One printer connected, my speakers, my desktop light, camera, and my mouse and keyboard plugged in with still 4 Audio IN and 5 USB ports left over. **The speed of the processor**, powerful i5 makes multi-tasking on this desktop efficient and very practical. I can be gaming and browsing the internet at the same time, while voice chatting on TeamSpeak/Ventrilo or even video chatting on Skype with voice! **The Dell Desktop is also very quiet. *You could hear a pin drop on the carpet!*** ***Overall, simply spectacular!***

Winter Garden, FL


Dell Inspiron Desktop Computer (Intel CORE I5 650 1000GB/6GB) (DDDWZC1)

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