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Dell Inspiron

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Disappointing Laptop


My husband bought this laptop along with printer for my Christmas/Birthday present in 2005. Worked great for the first year, then after the warranty expired the print spooler stopped working. Hence, no longer able to print. Customer service was very unhelpful. I love suring/shopping the Web, checking email, facebook, etc. This laptop runs extremely slow, especially with facebook and shutterfly since it has trouble loading pics etc. Very disappointed in my laptop and the lack of Dell's tech support. Have no intentions of buying another Dell.

Chattanooga, TN


This has been a great laptop for me


I got this laptop as a gift in December 2005, so I wasn't involved in the purchase decision, but overall I've been thrilled with it. Mine runs Windows XP Home Edition. Honestly, it runs just as well today, 5+ years later, as it did the day I took it out of the box. I'm serious. I attribute this to the fact that I have never ever connected it to the internet, so the chance of it having any sort of virus, etc. is next to none. And since I never connected it to the internet, I never installed security software on it. Security software slows your computer down--alot, depending on the software. I've always had another computer at home that did have an internet connection, so I just used that one whenever I needed the internet. The security software on that computer scans everything I download from the internet, so I can download files on that computer and then transfer them to a flashdrive to move them to the laptop worry-free. For word processing, or spreadsheets, etc, I used this laptop. And I've used this laptop *heavily*--most every day, for several hours a day. I love it. Compared to the latops of 2011, this laptop is huge and weighs a ton, but it's great size-wise for back then. The screen is plenty large, and very clear. The keyboard is comfortable. I do on occasion miss the 10 keypad found on traditional keyboards, but that just comes with using a laptop. Mine does not have a DVD burner, but it does have a CD burner. A single DVD can hold alot more than a single CD, though, so a DVD burner would have been nice. Of course, external dvd burners can be purchased and then used on any computer, so that's potentially a better option than having one built in and thus only usable on that computer. I've carried this laptop to class and everywhere else, and it has held up really well. Next to no exterior damage. The back of the screen has this sort of silver finish that I just *knew* was going to end up looking rubbed, but it never has. It still looks basically brand new. The keys do show shiny spots where I've touched them repeatedly over the years, but that's about the only evidence that this laptop has been well-used and well-loved for a long time. And hopefully will be for a long time to come.

Louisville, KY


Dell Inspiron

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