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Dell Dimensionâ„¢ E510 (DE51F21) 17 in. PC Desktop

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I have a dell dimension E520 computer and its amazing what you can put in them as I have got 2 500GB Hard disk drive 8GB Ram in 2,s and 2 dvd-rw and 2.17 duel core processor in and windows 7 pro. Ease of Use The dell dimension e520 I have found easy to use and to put parts in. Hardware Quality Depends on what you want to put in but for example take a look what I have put about it at the top of the page. Support & Service It does support some duel core processors but not all but other than that its a great machine. Durability If you look after it the computer will last. Design Very easy to pick up no sharp edges. Performance Very good



Dell Dimensionâ„¢ E510 (DE51F21) 17 in. PC Desktop

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