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Streak 7
Dell 4G Android Tablet

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Ok tablet


This tablet is ok but I'm sure there is another one better out there. It does the job for me but it has given me an issue in which I had to contact Dell myself. It was an internal issue and only the people at Dell could walk me through on how to fix the problem. I basically had to reboot it and it erased all of my data and stuff. Battery Life The battery does last pretty long. Longer than what I was expecting. It doesn't take very long to charge either, pretty quick. Weight Not heavy at all. It is perfect for my small hands and my son can use it easily too. App Availability There seems to be a lot of apps available. I do not download too many because I do not the internal issue to come back so I'm careful not to have too much on there. There are a lot of free apps which I like. Design I do like the design. It is sharp looking and thin and very light. Durability It is pretty durable. I have had it for 2 years now. My main issue with it is it has had an internal issue two times now and I have had to call Dell in order for them to walk me through the process to fix it.



Dell Streak 7 not good


I got the Dell Streak 7 for a present for my son and at first we thought it was great for him. The product had a camera to take pictures. He could use the videocamera feature to video items of interest or himself. We could access the internet easily. Typing with a touch screen and navigating menus was challenging with this product. It was hard to find menus especially if I downloaded something I would have hoped it be easier to find the download. Then the charger broke. The cord was a USB type cord and I wish it would have had a more circular, stronger end on the other side because it easily bent. They gave me a replacement cord. Then I had to keep using a paper clip to reset the Dell Streak 7 as it wouldn't work right and this was their solution. I had to send the Dell Streak 7 back to the company for repairs several times. Finally, when the warranty was up after about a year or 2 it just died. The battery wouldn't charge and I couldn't just easily replace it. You had to send it to the company to disassemble just to get it apart. The estimated cost to fix it was outrageous. I couldn't just buy a battery and unscrew the device to put the new battery in. The device was glued together and had to be fixed only by the company because the everyday person didn't have the right tools to simply replace a battery. I would not recommend this product as the cost was too high for such low quality. Battery Life Didn't last. Durability Didn't last long at all, always breaking and needing repair.

Reading, PA


mediocre tablet


i purchased this table on black friday. it has a pretty nice looking screen. nothing too special or eye popping but nice. the problem with the tablet is i have had to reset more times then i can count. to do a hard reset you have to stick a pin in a little hole located near the memory card. its annoying as the unit will freeze during use so you have to do the reset. when it has worked its a fun nice looking tablet.

Irvington, NJ


Good product for any one in the family that loves android


It is a very good table....decent size screen but it does freeze up every now and then and I have to reset it...otherwise it is android! it is great! Battery Life works fine for me! But I primarily play games and play online App Availability its android! Durability i have heard horrible things about the screen and it doesnt work 100% from when I got it 3 months ago for Xmas from tapping the screen playing games

Casselberry, FL


I love my Streak!


This was my first tablet so I thought I would go mid size. I got a great price on it because I purchased a new desktop. I love this tablet. My family uses it so we don't have conflicts over the desktop and I use it when I am away from home. The WiFi has always been great! I don't have a service hooked up, so I just use the WiFi and I have never had any complaints. It's also small enough I can use it at work to listen to radio or music. I would recommend this product without any reservations. Battery Life It has always been enough time for me. I do carry my plug with me though. Processing Speed no complaints on speed Weight just right to take along in my purse App Availability I use the android market, it's been great

Adrian, MI


My Dell Streak 7 is a great tablet for a first time buyer!


This was my first time buying a tablet and I think this was a great value. The screen is plenty large enough at 7" and it offers a multi-touch screen which is fun and functional. The colors are very vibrant and it doubles as a PC and reader! I love that it has built in wifi and I can browse the internet easily using my at-home connection or even at public hotspots. It does have bluetooth connectivity though I've not used it as well as GPS. The camera is decent and it does have both front facing camera which comes in handy if you want to chat. The rear camera has a built in flash which is something wonderful to have in low lighting. We mostly use this tablet for gaming and love it for that purpose! But this tablet definitely is very versatile a lot of things. Battery Life Battery lasts through several hours of continuous game playing. If you are just using it for browsing the internet or reading, it lasts a bit longer. Processing Speed It really seems to process quickly...never slow or lagging. Weight It's not the slimmest or lightest of weights but it feels comfortable in my hands...not too heavy. App Availability There are many, many apps available for this tablet which makes it one of the best out there imo. Design The design is nice as well. Durability It seems very durable. Both of my children have used this, ages 6 and 8. We did get a screen protector and case for it but have used it several months prior with no trouble.

Batesville, AR


Dell 4G Android Tablet

3.7 6