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DeWalt Hand Sander

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This is a great sander! I've used an even smaller sander to get details however it didn't work very well and had to use my hand or even this sander. I like that it bags the dust from sanding. I also like that it is fairly easy to replace the sand paper. There are also a bunch of different kinds of sand paper and you don't have to get the more expensive sticky kind. It isn't as good for big jobs like a belt sander would be however, but for smaller jobs that have not a ton of small detail this would work great. I used it to refurbish a cabinet and it worked just fine. The power on it was great but you do need to apply pressure and apply it evenly or one spot may get sanded more than another. Also you need to move in a circular motion if possible you are able to sand it a lot better if you do this. It is really loud, but I don't know how you can get around that. Be sure to wear some type of ear protection or your ears may ring for a while after using it. The button to turn it on isn't the easiest thing to push but it does work just fine. Maybe that is a safety feature so you don't accidently turn it on or something.

Eugene, OR


a gringer with not enough power


I bought this dewalt sander, to grind the edge of tile, to make it look finished. when i started use the grind it ws to slow and was cracking the tile. i tried many time, changing the blade to a new one, but it was the same thing over and over again. it was just a simple little job, just make the edge of the title that was cut to look as if not cut. I have done it many times with my old grinder but some one borrowed it and never returned it, so i had to by this grinder, i had always had a good experience with dewalt that's why i bought it, but when it came down to it there wasn't the power i expected to get. so i tried it on one other thing to see if it would work, but no , it didn't work, to cut a piece of rebar. it should of cut in less than a minute, not take five minutes to cut a 1/2 inch piece. but it took forever. if your are going to get a grinder don't buy this one. you will be there forever waiting to finish what you are trying to do.

Waianae, HI


a sander for every need


when you are doing projects around your home you need many different tools. in this point you many need more than one different type of sander. i got this hand sander to do some small project, like the bubbles in the paint that the painter left behind, and sanding the porch to re stain it. i used it for about an hour and it was hot already, just one the paint bubbles. i had to let it cool off for about two hours before i could use it again and then it was hot after an half hour, let it cool again then it happened again. when i took it back to the store they said that, this sander doesn't have a warranty and can't be replaced. so i called they company to complain about the sander, they said they would replace the sander because i only had it two days. that was about three months ago, i sent the sander in with all the information they gave. i have called weekly and to this day the sander has not been replaced, fixed or anything. make sure you get the right sander and check the warranties before you buy anything.

Waianae, HI


DeWalt Hand Sander

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