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DeLonghi Portable SafeHeat Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

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I would not buy this product again


There is no indication on the themostat control wheel to show which way to increase or decrese the heat setting. When you search for manuel to this model it shows some model with timer settings which this model does not have.

Leesville, LA

good space heater


I've had this for over 3 winters and it works great. I use it mainly in my bedroom before I get the kids out the tub so the room is extra warm. Also sometimes at night when the heat is off and the room gets a lil cold I can switch it on real quick without having to go turn the main heat on. Works sometimes too good, if you keep it on long enough the air will dry out. I've been using it along with a humidifier lately which helps a lot.



Provides good heat for cold days.


For days when there is an extra nip in the air or if you are just looking to add a little bit of warmth to a room, this heater provides just the right amount of extra heat and comfort. It does not take up a lot of space by any means and does not pop and crackle or smell like some of the other oil-based heaters I have seen in other people's homes. In my own home, this heater is used in a basement which tends to be much cooler than other parts of the house in the winter time. By using this heater, the temperature is regulated throughout the house as there is not a need to kick up the heat when spending time in the basement. The heater does a terrific job of radiating heat throughout the room rather than just warming the immediate area. Typically, within just a few brief minutes of turning it on, a noticeable difference can be felt in the room. Used on its "high" setting, this heater may not be kid-friendly.

Urbana, IL


DeLonghi Oil Heater does the job!


We once owned the little electric "burner" type space heater.  You had to keep it away from so much and it seemed to only heat the air right in front of it.  Once we realized other space heaters existed, boy were we happy! The DeLonghi SafeHeat Model EW6507L oil filled portable space heater is nice, compact, portable, and useful. The heat radiates to heat the whole room, not just the space around it.  We often have to turn it down lower once we have moved it to a cool room to heat it.  It is very effective and esthetically pleasing.   The shape and size make it great for most any room, fitting in small spaces.  The wheels make it easy to position where you want or need it within the room.  When we need it in another room, it is easy to pick up and move. It has an adjustable thermostat wheel and switches to have different heat settings.  You will need an electrical outlet nearby to plug it into for power.

Auburn, IL


DeLonghi Portable SafeHeat Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

3.8 4